Every Video Game Jack Black Appears In

Jack Black’s acting career has been a bit of a mystery, as he’s appeared in a wide variety of entertainment, from instant classics to cheap gigs. The same goes for Jack Black’s appearances in video games, as some of his appearances are works of art, while others are comparable to shovels. . Despite that, Black has appeared in five video games in the last 16 years, and this article will explain his role in each of those games.

As an actor, writer, producer, musician, and reality TV presenter, Jack Black has done everything Hollywood can. His flamboyant personality has earned him appearances on several Japanese game shows and his love of music has spawned the comedy-rock duo Tenacious D. He has two sons and is launched a gaming YouTube channel in 2018. Despite not playing many video games on the internet, Blake considers himself a heavy gamer.

Although not Haley Joel Osment, Jack Black has appeared in several video games, most of which were developed by Double Fine. Black’s relationship with the head of Double Fine, Tim Schaffer, has earned him more than a job in the game industry. Like his acting career, Jack Black’s video game roles ranged from the main character in Rock and Roll Adventures to supporting roles with just a few lines of dialogue. Here are all the video games where Jack Black has appeared.

Jack Black in King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie

remade in 2005 King Kong A visual masterpiece at the time, it broke box office records and production costs. Although the movie was released in December 2005, the scary-titled game was released on the original PlayStation 2 and Xbox a month before the movie was released. The game allows players to play as Jack Driscoll (voiced by Adrien Brody) and King Kong, and the gameplay is similar to other bland action shooters from the early 2000s.

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However, the appearance of Jack Black King Kong: Official game from the movie Brought him the 2005 Spike Video Game Award for Best Male Performance. Black plays the film’s minor villain, Caldenham, whose sole goal is to profit from the discovery of Skull Island. Jack Black plays the same character in the video game adaptation, but his role in the game is much less impressive than in the movie. Denham’s greed eventually overwhelms him, and he falls prey to the deadly creatures of Skull Island. However, he won’t die until the player has endured hours of him complaining about his camera getting wet and slowing the party down.

black jack in the savage saga

Jack black eddie briggs brutal story

If there’s one game that can sum up the feel of a heavy metal rock band, Double Fine’s evil legends complete the work. This 2009 action-adventure film follows Eddie Riggs, a touring performer for the world’s worst heavy metal band, the Kabbage Boys. Eddie is crushed in a tragic theatrical accident, but the hero summons a demon named Ormagoden, who transports Eddie’s unconscious body to the world of rock and roll. With the help of newly formed allies, Eddie harnesses the power of rock and roll to battle demons and giants in a world inspired by heavy metal music.

A fan of Double Fine’s predecessor, Jack Black was chosen to voice Eddie and several other famous characters who have joined the project. Blake is surrounded by heavy metal icons including Rob Halford, Rita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne. King Kong, evil legend is one of Blake’s best video games to date. Spike once again gave Black the best voiceover award, and the game itself won several awards.

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old broken black jack

Jack Black Shatter Times Harmony Light Beard

Another Double Fine title, broken age is a two-part point-and-click adventure game from 2014/2015. Tim Schaffer started creating point and click games while working for LucasArts in the 90s and broken age is his first point and click project horror fandango 1998. Following the story of Shay and Vella, broken age is a coming-of-age story about two teenagers from different worlds. Despite the game’s unique plot and shocking revelations, broken age It’s kind of flat in the second act.

Jack Black took a step back from the limelight after being away from the media for 5 years and took on the role of Harm’ny Lightbeard, the owner of the city of Meriloft. Meriloft is one of the first locations players will explore and re-visit in Level Two. Characters similar to blake King KongHarm’ny Lightbeard is revealed to be a greedy liar, and the citizens of Meriloft realize it in Act Two. Despite his short playing time, Jack Black broken age Offers one of the funniest encounters in the game.

Jack Black in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

jack black officer dick tony hawk pro skater

The most recent title on this list is Pro skater Tony Hawk 1+2 This is a remake of the first two parts professional skater title. It was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2020 and was well received by critics and fans of the series. Tony Hawk’s pro skater Five years after the title, fans are happy to revisit where the series began.

the dodgy officer is a recurring character Tony Hawk Video game, but this time he’s played by Jack Black. Officer Dick is often modeled after the average overweight security guard, but in Pro skater Tony Hawk 1+2, he is depicted as Jack Black in a police uniform. Players can unlock Officer Dick as an undercover skater and will hear some hilarious lines from Jack Black himself.

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Jack Black in Astronaut 2

Psychological journey 2 Jack Black

Spiritual Journey 2 Not released yet, but planned for sometime in 2021. The long-awaited sequel to the first title Double Fine will follow up on the original. psychological navigator left. Sixteen years and three console generations later, Spiritual Journey 2 is a title that no one thought would come true. After several failed attempts to launch the project, Microsoft acquired Double Fine, allowing it to develop the sequel properly.

Jack Black not only Spiritual Journey 2 And it also provides a musical rendition for one of the funniest levels in the game. Black takes on the role of Mote of Light, a mysterious monstrous voice that guides Razputin through one of the game’s levels. Although about Blake in Spiritual Journey 2Players will be accompanied by at least one level of Mote of Light.

That’s all the Jack Black video games that have come out so far, and probably the only one he’s appeared in for a while. History has shown that Jack Black takes a long break between his next video game appearances, and most of his in-game voice work comes from Double Fine. In any case, there are plenty of titles for Jack Black fans to enjoy, though they may want to skip it King Kong game.

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