Chris Pine Reveals Why He Loves Being A Bard in Dungeons & Dragons Movie

Chris Pine may have been shy to sing on screen, but he’s excited to play a music-loving singer in a movie. Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Rogues. He often shows action skills in superhero movies Wonderful woman and with interstellar travel franchise, but until 2014 go to the forest The whole world knows how good he sings.

While promoting at SXSW Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Roguespyne said rant screen Why the role of the bard is particularly appealing to him. Although the new fantasy film is mostly action, Edkin’s portrayal, like many of his recent roles, relies on intelligence and grace rather than physical prowess or combat ability. This combination seemed to work very well with Pine, and the talented actor had to say:

They seemed to entice me by saying that my special abilities were playing the piano and entertaining. I think that’s what I can figure out; means less preparation time and [fewer] day at the gym. I’m fine with that.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves showcases Chris Pines’ countless talents

Many fans are surprised to learn that the main character of Pine is a poet and not a knight – in fact, the film’s knight was created by BridgertonRegé-Jean Page—but the actor’s humorous response shows why it works so well. Dungeons and Dragons There’s a lot of fighting, and as seen in the trailer, how each character handles the conflict helps define their identity. By focusing more on the lute and less on exercise, Pine has the opportunity to honor his dramatic prowess while continuing to work on the action hero series.

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he probably doesn’t have a full song like this go to the forest, but comments and reactions have noted how enjoyable Pine is as Elgin. Between his distracting musical prowess, Michelle Rodriguez’s brute force, Paige’s swordsmanship, Judge Smith’s magic, and Sofia Lilith’s morphing abilities, the cast makes for an all-out party that will satisfy the hopes of any dungeon master. Pine’s unexpected responses fit perfectly with the role he was assigned, while also showcasing the character’s versatility and fighting style. Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Rogues.

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