Rick and Morty’s Darkest Villain is Krombopulos Michael (Not Evil Morty)

Even if it’s the season 5 finale rick and the dead Where fans might have thought Evil Morty was the darkest villain the duo have ever faced, a long-forgotten once-in-a-lifetime comic has revealed that it’s actually Krombopulos Michael. Rick and Morty met a lot of quirky characters over the show’s five seasons and about 60 comic book issues. From absurd to sinister, the series features many memorable side characters. Evil Morty’s debut in season one leaves fans guessing how important he will play in the entire saga. His final appearance shows him at his most dangerous… but a one-shot comic reveals that Rick’s business partner, Krombopulos Michael, is the darkest villain. in the multiverse.

It can be said that the villain Morty is an insidious character. Carefully execute his plan and hide among the other Morty Close Rick’s Counter by Rick Kind After being thwarted, he ascended to power as President Morty. Using his resources at Ricks Castle, he makes his ultimate plan: escape the central finite curve of the universe, where Rick is the smartest, and go to a place where he has none. Rick. rick village jackThe season five finale, which finally saw him carry out his plan, was devastating indeed. Multiple versions of Rick and Morty died as a result of his escape plot, giving the villain Morty a huge amount to defeat…or at least, fans would think.

Surprisingly, the one-time assassin Krombopulos Michael, who likes to kill people indiscriminately, has a much darker complexion. gift from rick and morty anthology series, krobopoulos michael The work of Daniel Mallory Ortberg and CJ Cannon reveals that he was a more open-minded killer and somehow got away with the crime. In the opening sequence, he shows off killing random people on the street just to swipe their coffee. He was never caught, never punished for it, and just continued his day. This comic covers only one day in his life. Just imagining how many people he killed in a day without any consequences is enough to make the villain Morty gasp at what he did so openly. He states several times throughout the story that he likes to kill and that he has no regrets. His spontaneity puts him above the villainous Morty in cunning, as he can pull out a gun in a flash, kill without contempt, and somehow manage to get away with the crime in the process. This.

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Throughout the story, he goes to a Kinko-style print shop to make a business card for his murderous business. There he asked his printing assistant to install a tracking device on every business card he bought so his contacts could find him, which was initially suggested. in Season 2 when it was given to Morty. His absolute confidence in letting anyone know where he is is testament to just how deadly he can be. He’s not afraid to hide or sneak. He knows he can kill anyone who finds him if they aren’t there to serve him, because that’s what he likes to do. Whoever confronts him is in mortal danger or is there to trade. There is no middle.

In fact, Michael doesn’t need to hide in the shadows, but does what he does for sheer pleasure, which is why he’s darker than Evil Morty. Of course, Evil Morty plays the game long, but Michael has faith in him and knows he can escape any danger with his raw killing talent. It’s a good thing that Rick and Morty never went up against Krobpoulos Michael, because he’s a villain they probably wouldn’t be able to deal with, as his confidence and drive make him what he is. the darkest force in the multiverse.

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