Elden Ring: How To Get Every Viridian Amber Medallion

The Viridian Amber Medal is an amulet Elden’s ring Has the ability to increase one’s maximum stamina by 11%. This amulet has upgrade variants that increase Health Stats by 13% and 15% respectively. The Viridian Amber Medallion is an ideal equipment choice for bleak adventurers who use a lot of stamina at once. For example, Additional Stamina pointed out that Elden’s ring Medals provide the energy needed for high explosive DPS players to perform a combo or two to take down opponents in an instant. Moreover, the Ancient Amber Dragon combined with physical recovery items such as the Green Turtle Charm is of course enough to meet the physical needs.

Basic version of the Viridian Amber Medal Elden’s ring Can be obtained from the Weeping Peninsula in South Lyngrave. Specifically, the Tarnished Pilgrims must defeat Miranda the Blighted Bloom in the Tombsward Cave dungeon, southeast of Marika’s Fourth Church. The cave is filled with poisonous slime, players should bring neutralizing potion before setting off.

The Viridian +1 Amber Medal is located on the dirt path between the Ghost Tree on the inner and outer walls of Leyndell’s Outer Precinct and the outer battlefield. Halfway through, the player encounters a lonely Elden’s ring Civilians sit on the side of the road. As the adventurers approach, the mob will suddenly transform into Margit, causing a wild boss fight.

Find all Viridian Amber Medals in Elden Ring

Unlike the infamous Stormveil Castle Battle, the second battle with Margit doesn’t take place in an enclosed area, meaning Bleak Traveler will be able to ride rapids during battle. However, be aware of the many craters throughout the battlefield, which can trap players. When Margit’s Altus Plateau variant died, Elden’s ring Fans will receive a +1 Viridian Amber Medal.

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To obtain the +2 Viridian Amber Medal, the tarnished Pilgrims must enter Miquella’s Halitree, the Legacy Dungeon north of Giant’s Peak. This area can be unlocked by finding the Halitree Secret Medallion or by using the “Stake-of-Marika skip” near Lofty’s hut. When the player arrives at Hallitree Town Square, they must join Hallitree Knight Loretta across the rooftop path to reach the boss arena. However, after jumping over the first gap, turn around and carefully jump into the semi-opened interior below. Elden’s ring The player can find a chest containing the Viridian Amber Medallion +2 in the back room.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC

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