Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: 10 Weirdest Pokemon Evolutions, Ranked

The release of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet exclusively on Nintendo Switch comes with the newfound ninth generation of Pokémon. Fans are ecstatic about this new generation that has finally appeared.

From Grafaiai to Gholdengo, these Pokémon evolutions are not what anyone had expected. With the ninth generation released, some evolutions have fans scratching their heads with how bizarre they’ve turned out.

10 Grafaiai

A dual Poison and Normal Types such as Shroodle or ‘Toxic Mouse Pokémon’, the pocket monster slightly resembles a tiny buck-tooth beetle. Once it reaches level 28, the Pokemon evolves into Grafaiai, similar looking to a rabid lemur with poisonous saliva.

Its top half has ears and eyes the size of its head, looking mighty even for its size. Its bottom half is dark gray, creating a shadow-like figure. Although it looks a little bit strange, it seems very fluffy with its voluminous multicolored fur. It’s not as odd as the others, but it is different from what fans had theorized.

9 Glimmora

An image of Glimmora's Pokedex entry in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet 

Glimmet, nicknamed ‘Ore Pokémon’ is a Rock Poison Type that resembles a huge purple flower with deadly poison on its petals. Although it’s not the strongest Pokémon, it shines when pitted against different types of Pokémon such as flying, grass, and fairy. When it evolves at level 35, it becomes Glimmora, a round-looking jelly eel.

Glimmora vaguely resembles a bouncy beach ball with how the petals attach at its base, not giving off the number one spot for the weirdest evolution. When it attacks, its true form looks like a huge flower floating without its stem. Its deep blue color looks like it could live in the ocean as coral rather than a beautiful flower in a field.

8 Cetitan

Cetitan, a new design in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Cetoddle, also known as the ‘Terra Whale Pokémon’ is an Ice Type. To evolve into Cetitan, the player must expose it to an ice stone. Its beginning form resembles an adorable elephant without a trunk, but then it becomes a spiky white rhinoceros.

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It has a white body with large limbs and pink accents surrounding its eyes, paws, and tail. Two fins protrude from either side, resembling a shark out of water. The color palette of this Pokémon seems friendly but think twice before touching it.

7 Revavroom

A Revavroom hovering in the desert in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Varoom, known as ‘Single-Cyl Pokemon’ is a steel and poison type that has two coal-like wheels with a striped box on top of its head. It evolves into Revavroom once the player levels it up to level 40. Its final form resembles a scary monster truck with a wheel on its head.

The name of this Pokémon in either form sounds exactly how a car would sound, corresponding with its looks. Its main colors are tones of gray that have similarities to many cars’ colors today. Its overall appearance can seem a bit disturbing, especially the yellow eye in the middle.

6 Arboliva

Arboliva spreading its wings in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Smoliv, also called ‘Olive Pokémon’ is a Grass and Normal Type. Once it evolves at level 35, it becomes Arboliva. Its beginning stages similar to its nickname strongly resemble an olive. As it grows and levels up, it becomes an olive-like tree.

Its evolved form looks strange but seems very possible for it to have olive-inspired colors. By the looks of it, Arboliva could have a higher role such as a queen than all the other Pokémon. The branch-like body reminds one of a queen standing above its subjects. Its green leaves protrude on either side of them to resemble a cape with olives while the leaves on top of its head are a crown.

5 Espathra

Espathra walking in the grass in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Flittle, known as ‘Frill Pokémon’ is a Psychic Type that looks exactly like a tiny baby chick made up of neon colors: yellow, purple, and orange. Once it evolves at level 35, it becomes Espathra, strongly resembling an ostrich with peacock feathers on its tail.

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The color palette of each form is very similar but evolves into a walking candy corn with a snake-like neck. The hair on its head is comparable to Edna from The Incredibles except white instead of black. This mixture of features makes for a weird-looking Pokémon but not quite the weirdest, especially compared to its starter form.

4 Houndstone

Houndstone using Last Respects in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Greavard, otherwise known as ‘Ghost Dog Pokémon’ is a ghost type in the newest game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It looks like an innocent dog until it’s evolved. To evolve into Houndstone, the player must level it up to 30 in the nighttime. Its name sounds extremely close to Graveyard, hence the gravestone on its head.

As it evolves, the candle on its head turns into a headstone, becoming more apparent in its name. Its hair grows extremely long and voluminous creating a strong resemblance to the dog breed, komondor. The mouth is the very picture of Dry Bones from Mario, very brittle and bony.

3 Rabsca

Rabsca standing in a snowy field in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Rellor, called ‘Rolling Pokémon’ is a Bug Type that resembles a brown beetle with a huge mud ball. It evolves into Rabsca when leveled up after walking 1000 steps using the Let’s Go feature. The most interesting transformation of this Pokemon’s evolution is its dull to vibrant color.

Rabsca looks exactly like a spider but with neon colors. The purple, red, pink, and blue on its body cannot go unnoticed. It’s believed that the true body of this Pokémon is within the ball, which makes for a confusing bug. It begs the question of how this exclusive Pokémon works. It looks like an old spider with a mustache holding an expired Jimmy Neutron candy.

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2 Quaquaval

Quaquaval in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Quaxly, nicknamed ‘Duckling Pokémon’ is a Water Type that resembles a white duckling with a yellow beak and teal-colored crest on its head. It is one of the three starter Pokémon for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that evolves into Quaquaval once it’s leveled up to level 36.

Its final form is not what many fans had expected. In the beginning, the sailor theme had been theorized to be one of the cutest starters to date. But it evolves into a dancer-like Pokemon, especially its pose. The primary colors of blue, aqua, and red make it stand out but not quite as much as the golden Gholdengo.

1 Gholdengo

Gholdengo Pokemon scarlet and violet

Gimmighoul, also known as ‘Coin Chest Pokémon’ is a Ghost Type. It evolves into a Gholdengo once the player collects 999 coins from its Roaming Form. Although it looks exactly like a chest in its beginning form, it turns into a golden stick figure that takes the top spot as the strangest evolution of a Pokémon.

Instead of evolving into something similar to a chest, it evolves into something that slightly resembles the General Mills cereal mascot, Apple Jacks. It becomes a walking gold coin that doesn’t look anything like a coin, which is completely unexpected by many players.

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