Pikmin Bloom: How To Unlock White Pikmin

White Pikmin returns in Pikmin Bloom. The player can unlock the White Pikmin by continuing to level up and completing the available quest list.

Players can Pikmin flower. inside Pikmin series, these plant creatures are used to move objects around the world. The more Pikmin the player collects, the stronger and faster Pikmin will become. Pikmin flower, the player can complete some objectives faster if they have twice as much Pikmin. The white Pikmin himself is the smallest of the bunch, but also deals the most damage. In the series, the white Pikmin is very poisonous. If the monster could devour it, it would take tons of damage in an instant.

Player starts Pikmin flower Only the Red Pikmin is available for the expedition. To unlock more Pikmin types, players need to continuously level up. At any time, players can check their rank from the main menu. By selecting it, players can also see what tasks they need to complete to get to the next level.

To get White Pikmin, players need to reach level 16 Pikmin flower. Each level has its own set of requirements, but players need to complete them all to reach level 16. . Leveling up also helps build bigger teams in the game.

How to Unlock White Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

Image of Pikmin carrying strawberries to help each other

These are the upgrade requirements Pikmin flower Get the white Pikmin.

  • Level 1: The player starts at level 1.
  • Level 2: Players need to complete the tutorial.
  • Level 3: The player needs to walk 500 steps.
  • Level 4: Player needs to walk 1500 steps and gain two Pikmin
  • Level 5: The player needs to walk 3000 steps and plant yellow seedlings.
  • Level 6: The player needs to walk 5000 steps and spawn 2 Pikmins.
  • Level 7: The player needs to walk 5000 steps and complete an expedition. This is also how to get the Green Pikmin.
  • Level 8: The player needs to walk 10500 steps and plant a green sapling.
  • Level 9: The player needs to pick 50 petals from Pikmin and walk 14,000 steps.
  • Level 10: The player needs to plant 300 flowers and walk 18,000 steps.
  • Level 11: The player needs to walk 230,000 steps and spawn 2 Pikmins.
  • Level 12: The player will need to walk 29,000 steps and develop two Pikmins.
  • Level 13: The player needs to walk 36,000 steps and gain 3 Pikmin.
  • Level 14: The player needs to walk 44,000 steps and breed the purple Pikmin.
  • Level 15: The player needs to walk 53,000 steps and gain three Pikmin.
  • Level 16: Players need to walk 63,000 steps to get 1 star to complete the mushroom pair.
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The final challenge will require players to defeat the mushrooms in their area. Your best bet is to send a large team of Pikmin to Mushrooms, then wait until it’s over. It may take a few minutes Pikmin flower Cooperative challenge to clear mushrooms, but players only need to earn 1 star to unlock White Pikmin.

Pikmin flower Now available on iOS and Android.

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