Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany criticized by hotel staff on viral TikTok

A TikToker criticized Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany for not tipping restaurant staff while she was recently at the 1 Hotel in West Hollywood.

The TikTok, identified as Jessica O’Connor, spoke about her encounter with Brittany while serving her. She said Mahomes had been in the area with friends simply shopping for wedding dresses. However, when her bill for her meal of more than $100 arrived, Brittnay allegedly did not tip.

“That happens sometimes,” O’Connor said. “So he was willing to let the first one go and I thought, ‘Maybe he just doesn’t like me.’ Maybe it was something I said.’”

@jessica0c0nn0r #stitch with @koll | boston life + opinion I can’t respect anyone who disrespects their servants 🤷🏼‍♀️ #britneymahomes #storytime ♬ New Romantics (Taylor Version) – Taylor Swift

O’Connor finally realized it wasn’t a “one-off” thing. He noted that Brittany Mahomes and her team would be there almost a week later and did not tip any of the staff. “And not only did he not tip, he was really rude,” O’Connor said. “And I totally understand that celebrities don’t owe you anything, especially when you’re in public. As a public figure, you should always come away thinking, ‘Okay, the people I interact with are recording these interactions and they will remember this.'”

O’Connor said she will always remember how Brittany Mahomes treated her. “I only judge people by their character,” she continued. “And I think one of the easiest ways to judge someone’s character is how they treat someone who is in a lower position than them. And let’s say that character is evaluated.”

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Brittany Mahomes stated last month that she had seen an increase in the number of “trolls” on her social media accounts. “There have been a LOT more rude people here recently,” she declared. “Much more [than] normal. “I’m not sure where they came from, but they should probably go back to where they came from… Please.”

Brittany Mahomes admitted she wasn’t ready to be ‘thrown into the fire’ of NFL fame

During an interview with CBS Mornings In July, Brittany Mahomes admitted that she wasn’t prepared for the intense publicity she had received in recent years.

“I wasn’t prepared for this,” Mahomes said of the publicity. “And at such a young age. We were in love and I loved him with all my heart. But, you know, I didn’t expect him to shoot himself so soon, and for us to just be thrown into the fire like this.”

Brittany Mahomes also talked about when she started receiving criticism online. “When I started posting on Instagram, I was screaming and getting loud in the suite,” she explained. “I think the first time I did it it blew up and I thought, ‘She’s crazy, this is too much.'”

Brittany then added, “I finally learned that you don’t have to share everything you do in your life.”

Brittany’s husband testified in the documentary series. Attack player that he wouldn’t be who he is today without her. “I mean it when I say: I think if I didn’t have Brittany, I wouldn’t be in the position I am now.”

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