Oscars 2023’s 10 Biggest Snubs & Surprises

Snubbed and taken by surprise, the 95th Academy Awards went by without flinching, but one of Hollywood’s oldest institutions is fully committed to raising the circle of honorees, including Many beloved icons and biggest names of 2022. Popular movies. Voiced by Jimmy Kimmel for the third time, the 2023 Academy Awards aim to get back on track with old Hollywood glitz, clever jokes and a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion. . everything is everywhere lead with 11 nominations, while Inisherin’s Banshee And All is quiet on the Western front Each person shows off nine pieces. This set the stage for a dramatic evening.

Even before the ceremony, the road to the 2023 Oscars was fraught with derision. While Asian actors dominate the acting category more than in any other year in Oscar history, female film directors like Queen None were found among the nominees. While the 94th Academy Awards ceremony was largely overshadowed by Will Smith and Chris Rock’s spat, there were plenty of surprises and slights at the 2022 Academy Awards, and the Academy Awards. Forestry in 2023 will not be an exception. The night’s emotional ups and downs came as the fan-favorite lead delivered an emotional acceptance speech. However, despite this, there have been some shocks. Here are the biggest surprises and surprises from the 2023 Oscars.

10 Surprises: The Adventures of Pinocchio Wins Best Animated Feature

When Guillermo Del Toro Pinocchio won Best Animated Feature, beating hits like cat in boots: last wish And teach an important lesson; House of Mouse and DreamWorks aren’t the only studios making high-quality animation. Del Toro made Oscar history by becoming the first person to win Best Picture, Best Director and Best Animated Feature. Just as del Toro defended animation at the Golden Globes, he used his Oscar acceptance speech to remind audiences of things that are sometimes forgotten; “Animation is cinema. Animation is not a genre. Animation is ready to take the next step. Let animation do the talking.”

9 snubs: Angela Bassett loses Best Supporting Actress to Jamie Lee CurtisWakanda's Black Panther Queen Ramonda will always be on the throne

At the 2023 Oscars, competition was fierce in all acting categories, especially for the two women in the Best Supporting Actress category. Jamie Lee Curtis (Jamie Lee Curtis) for her in everything is everywherewhile Bassett is hoping to take home a gold medal with her stellar performance in the competition Black Panther: Wakanda foreverFor Curtis, this is the first Oscar nomination in her 40-year career, with the exception of Bassett’s Oscar nomination, breaking the trend of the MCU being recognized through performances in superhero movies, it is also the Her first 29th nomination in years. However, even this major breakthrough does not guarantee victory.

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8 Surprise: Quan Kehui Wins Best Supporting Actor

dialects everywhere

Ke Huy Quan didn’t necessarily win Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the film just because he was favored based on Critics’ Choice and Golden Globe wins. everything is everywhereBeating industry veterans like Brendan Gleeson to win an Oscar, Kwon jubilantly danced in front of the mic, expressing a surge of emotion about what it means to him to be recognized for his performance as an adult. character in the sequel indiana jones And The Goonies As a child actor, the win marked his transformation into a respected male lead.

7 Snub: Inisherin’s Banshee left empty-handed despite 9 nominations

Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson at a bar in the Inishering Banshees

with the so-called “big blue wave,,” Inisherin’s Banshee What is believed to be a watershed moment for Irish artists and filmmakers at the 2023 Oscars, brought in more than 25% of nominations for the 95th Academy Awards. With nine nominations in everything from Best Picture and Best Cinematography to Best Performance, it seemed like it had a chance to win something, so it was a surprise when it went away empty-handed. Even in areas where it seemed strongest, such as Martin Macdonald and Colin Farrell winning Best Director and Best Actor respectively, it couldn’t predict many difficult moments. different bear of Ireland.

6 Surprise: Michelle Yeoh beat Cate Blanchett for Best Actress

Duong Tu Quynh and Ke Huy Quan in Everywhere have been

While some Oscar winners seem certain, the two leads are clearly side by side in the Best Actress race. Both Michelle Yeoh and Cate Blanchett have played complex, emotionally and physically demanding roles in films. everything is everywhere And asphalt, but Yang has worked in Hollywood for decades in lesser-known places, while Blanchett has earned eight nominations and two Academy Awards. To my surprise, it was a great moment for Asian actors to see Yang break the Oscar hierarchy with her nomination and become the first Asian actress to win the Best Actress award. most colorful.

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5 Snub: Austin Butler loses Best Actor to Brendan Fraser

Austin Butler as Elvis sings into the microphone

Michelle Yeoh and Cate Blanchett have a close race for Best Actress, and Brendan Fraser and Austin Butler could be even closer, both in whale And Elvis PresleyFrazier had to convey meaningful emotion from fat clothes that took hours to put on and take off, while Butler pored over the King for years to understand his demeanor and physique over the years. While Frazier has been in the business longer than Butler and is a survivor of the worst, that doesn’t change the fact that all of Butler’s commitments to the role, including learning to sing like Elvis, are not recognized.

4 Surprise: Ruth E. Carter Wins Best Costume Design Award Again

Okoye talking to T'Challa in Black Panther

It’s no secret that superhero movies don’t win many Oscars. black Panther That changed when it was nominated in multiple categories, including Best Costume Design, which Ruth E. Carter won for her role in Black Panther: Wakanda forever. In her acceptance speech, Carter explained that her design is “Reshaping the expression of culturethat’s probably why she’s the first person to win an award for an original film and its sequel. It may be a long time since Marvel was nominated for an Oscar for acting, but the studio didn’t hesitate to reward Carter for bringing to life Wakanda and T’Challa’s family.

3 Snub: Babylon loses Best Life Points

Sidney Palmer plays the trumpet in Babylon.

Industry mogul John Williams, responsible for some of Hollywood’s most popular themes and soundtracks, was nominated for the 53rd Academy Award for the film. Fabermann and is still considered a loser Babylona gripping epic about the transition from silent to sound. In fact, neither of them won the Academy Award for Best Original Score, as composer Volker Betelmann received the honor for his musical accompaniment to the epic war film and remake. All is quiet on the Western front. while the box office bomb Babylon No one expected it to win the 2023 Oscars, but its emphasis on music makes it truly belittled.

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2 Surprise: RRR wins Best Original Song for Naatu Naatu

Bheem and Raju dance with Naatu Naatu in RRR

After an explosive performance midway through the Oscars 2023, deposit reserve ratio Nominated for Best Original Song ‘Naatu Naatu’ beats Lady Gaga’s ‘Hold My Hand’ Top Gun: Maverick and Rihanna’s “Lift Me Up” Black Panther: Wakanda forever For the highest honor. At a historic moment in Southeast Asia, deposit reserve ratio This win marks the first win for an Indian feature film and is an unusual choice considering how strong the other contenders are at the 2023 Oscars. It’s all there. deposit reserve ratio From the drama and action sequences to the dazzling visuals, it’s all top notch, so it’s only fitting that “Naatu Naatu” does too, the Academy couldn’t resist rewarding the spectacle. .

1 Snub: Elvis left empty handed despite 7 nominations

Austin Butler as Elvis

by Baz Luhrmann Elvis Presley It’s certainly not for everyone, but this frenetic and gripping biopic captures King’s legendary status as a revered musical icon. Although it received an Audience Choice Award and a Golden Globe at the start of the season, it was nominated in any of the seven categories for the 2023 Oscar nominations. Makeup, hair, and makeup. The best costume design seems obvious because it pays attention to period details, and even if Butler doesn’t win best actor, it’s overlooked. Like the king himself, Elvis Presley Leave the building without showing any tangible victory praise it deserves.

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