Netflix’s ‘Fair Play’ Movie Ending Explained: Director Explains Why Phoebe Dynevor’s Emily Did THAT in Final Scene

The new movie Fair play has been number one on Netflix after debuting over the weekend, and director Chloe Domont now provides insight into that shocking finale.

In Fair playAn unexpected promotion at a cutthroat hedge fund pushes a young couple’s relationship to the limit, threatening to unravel much more than their recent engagement.

Bridgerton Actress Phoebe Dynevor plays Emily, whose secret relationship with her co-worker Luke (Alden Ehrenreich) begins to deteriorate after she receives the promotion at work he was hoping to get.

Read on to find out more (including lots of spoilers)…

SPOILER ALERT – Don’t read on if you don’t want to know what happens at the end!

Luke becomes erratic and enraged by the power Emily has over him at work and reaches a boiling point one day at work while she is in the middle of an important client meeting. He enters the room and reveals to everyone that he is sleeping with Emily, accusing her of sexual harassment because she is her boss.

The couple’s engagement party is later that night and they have a very public breakup in front of their friends and family, leading to Luke raping Emily in the bathroom. When Emily arrives home the next day, Luke packs up her belongings and reveals that she is moving to San Francisco. She confronts him and tells him that he should apologize for what she did and ask for forgiveness. The scene turns violent when Emily grabs a knife and forces Luke to kneel and beg for forgiveness. She even cuts off his arm when he doesn’t immediately comply.

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After Luke sobs to Emily and asks for her forgiveness, she whispers, “Now clean the blood off my floor and get out. “I’m done with you.” The film ends with Emily dropping her knife on the floor.

Director Chloe Domont told Netflix’s Tudum: “While there are elements of female anger, the last scene is not about female revenge, but rather about holding a man accountable and getting him to face his own inferiority. Luke’s inability to recognize that causes them both so much pain and destruction. For me, the whole movie really builds up to the moment when Emily finally gets Luke to acknowledge his own failure and his own weakness, when he finally mutters the words “I am nothing,” because more than being a movie about female empowerment, “This is really a movie about male fragility.”

So how are Emily and Luke moving forward?

“I think this is the last time Emily gets involved with a man like that,” Chloe said. “For me, the knife drop is a real microphone drop: she’s done, she’s over it. She will continue to focus on her career without walking on eggshells and will see the red flags before charging headlong into someone else again.”

He added: “I think if Emily had let him walk out that door without that kind of confrontation, he would have continued to fail, believing his own narrative about how he was wronged and deprived of what he ‘deserved.’ By forcing him to acknowledge the brutality that was inflicted on him, as well as confront his own failures on a deep emotional level, my hope is that he will truly learn from it and at least do better next time.”

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