Cillian Murphy and Kylie Jenner’s Hilarious Post About ‘Twins’ Goes Viral: ‘I Can’t Stop Seeing It’

The 2024 Golden Globes spawned many viral moments, most of which revolved around host Jo Koy’s painfully awkward opening monologue and the reactions to it. Among the countless publications that circulate on the Internet like wildfire, one that pointed out an undeniable resemblance between Cillian Murphy and Kylie Jenner attracted a lot of attention, and not in favor of Jenner.

“Someone said Kylie looks like Cillian Murphy, now I can’t stop looking at it,” the original poster wrote alongside side-by-side images of Murphy and Jenner making similar facial expressions.

Someone said Kylie looks like Cilian Murphy now I can’t stop looking at it😭😭

— . (@selovelenaa) January 8, 2024

“Don’t insult Cillian Murphy”

The remark quickly gained traction, racking up thousands of likes and comments, many of which criticized the post as disrespectful to Cillian Murphy.

“Don’t disrespect your father like that?!” wrote one offended user. “Don’t talk about my Irish king,” another agreed.

“I don’t normally say things like this about women but… there’s no way they’re insulting my man like this,” a third added.

Please don’t insult Cilian Murphy like that 💜

— neri ⸆⸉ ✨You were London n4 and n5 (@loverare13) January 8, 2024

Meanwhile, many took the opportunity to criticize Kylie Jenner for her cosmetic procedures. “Over the years, Kylie Jenner has been the sole driving force behind my filler phobia,” said one user.

“I try to stay neutral about the surgery and the natural conversation, but she did too much, too soon. She looks like a Tim Burton character. “Everyone does it,” another added, referring to the Jenner/Kardashian clan.

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Kylie Jenner’s roast continues

Some users claimed that Kylie Jenner looked more like Sharon Osbourne or even Lord Farquaad, the villain from Shrek, than Cillian Murphy.

Others stopped short of saying the socialite looked like a cartoon villain, but joked that Jenner took a photo of Cillian to her cosmetic surgeon. “No, Kylie took Cillian’s photo to the doctor and said ‘make me look like this,'” one user said.

“The difference is that Kylie gets PAID to look like this,” wrote another. “The difference here is that one paid and the other was born with it,” a third agreed.

his surgeon when he showed him cilian’s photo:

— . (@selovelenaa) January 8, 2024

And of course, many praised Cillian Murphy for his youthful looks… saying that Jenner, just over half his age, takes after his mother.

“A 47-year-old looks younger than a 26-year-old,” one user wrote. “The way Cilian looks younger,” said another. “The way he looks like his mother,” a third added.

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