Naruto: 10 Questions About Kurenai, Answered

The Naruto franchise spends a lot of time with the ninja students, but not a lot of time shaping their teachers. Kurenai Yuhi is definitely an attractive character, but she doesn’t have much of a story in the manga. The anime tries to make up for that by including a secret student in her storyline and adding some fight scenes, but there are still a lot of fans who don’t know about Hong.

Known for being a mentor to Hyūga Hinata and leading Team 8, Kurenai is a strong yet fair-minded teacher who trusts her students to practice together even when she’s not with them. As time went on, it became apparent that Red had a deep affection for Asma Sarutobi, and the two became one of the most beautiful couples in the series, although fans lamented that Asma’s failure had taken away much. their more interactive opportunities. Opportunity. Some fans now only remember Red as Asma’s love interest, but she was an accomplished ninja who helped raise the next generation of even stronger ninjas.

How does Hong know Asma?

The manga doesn’t show fans how Red and Asma first met, but the anime does, thanks to additional episodes that expand the backstory to many of the supporting characters.

Red and Asma met on their first day at the Ninja Academy, when they were both preparing to become professional ninja. At the age of 9, the two graduated and were assigned to a team of three to take the Chunin Exams together. Their childhood friendship eventually turned into romantic love, but it’s unclear when the transition occurred.

How many Naruto movies has she appeared in?

Red and Future in Naruto Shippuden

The older generation is not particularly noticeable when watching Naruto movies. So unless they’re leading Naruto’s team, they usually don’t show up. Hong has never led his team in the movie, although she did have a few cameos.

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However, in Naruto Shippuden: The Movie, she is only seen running down the street with her team. In the theatrical version of Naruto: Blood Prison, she appears as a guest in the protagonist’s flashback. She is considered as Naruto remembers all the people living in her village. Finally, in her third film, she and her young daughter Mirai appear in The Last: Naruto The Movie, looking for safety from a shooting star.

What is her personality?

Red Yuhi in Naruto

In the Naruto world, ninjas have certain types of skills. Those “natural types” are things like the release of earth, fire, lightning, water, or wind. Kurenai is unique in that her natural type is not one of these five basic elements. Instead, she released the sound.

Yin Release is associated with spirits rather than specific elements. It involves abilities that require the use of unconventional thinking. The Nara clan used it to control darkness and Red used it to promote his mastery of illusions.

Will Red protect Konoha from the Kyuubi’s attack?

In Naruto Flashback, when Kyuubi attacks Konoha, Hatake Kakashi can be Guy and Sunset

When Naruto Uzumaki was born, the seal that his mother, Kushina, placed on herself to control the Nine-Tails Fox, was broken. Foxes are raging in Konohagakure. Red is one of the young ninjas who wants to help.

She is not a Jonin level ninja yet, as she reached that level before the series began. She is also a Chunin, ready to fight for the village. However, Hong’s father did not allow her and her peers (Sarutobi Asuka and Nangami et al) to stay away from fighting. He wants them to live an extra day and help the next generation thrive.

What is her blood type?

Shikamaru stood in front of the pregnant Kurenai to protect her from Naruto Shippuden's potential attack

Japanese culture has an interesting way of discovering personality types. It is believed that a person’s blood type can affect their personality. That’s why fans of manga, anime and even J-pop will notice that fact files about characters and celebrities are often characterized by their blood type.

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According to Naruto’s information, Hong has blood type AB. According to the Japanese blood group theory, blood type AB represents a creative but rational personality. People with blood type AB can also be indecisive and critical. It all seems to fit Red. Interestingly, she is the same type as Nara Shikamaru.

How good is her Genjutsu skill?

Naruto Shippuden Red VS Itachi

Genjutsu is a difficult ninja skill to master. It involves hallucinating your enemies. A ninja who can’t escape genjutsu can be trapped, unable to move, to death. Kurenai is a master of magic. Not only was she able to tell for a few seconds when she was trapped in an illusion, but she was also an excellent user of the skill.

The anime sheds light on Red’s history, giving viewers a glimpse into her past as a teacher to a young girl who can’t control her illusions. The girl’s strength was so great that even Hong could not control it and had to seal her powers, although her boss in Konoha claimed that Hong’s skills were comparable to Itachi Uchiha who had leaving Kaka Xi trapped in an illusion for several days. Konoha Shinden: Stream Ninja Scrolls even calls her the best genjutsu user in Konoha.

What specific abilities does Red have in the anime?

Since Red is not a main character in the manga, much of what fans know about her is based on her appearance in the anime. With more screen time as Asma’s lover and Hinata’s mentor, more of Red’s abilities are shown, including abilities that only appear in the anime.

Many of them are based on the fact that she can feel the chakras. Her abilities all revolve around the “sexy” aspect. The color red can enter a person’s subconscious, clearly see a person’s true nature, and even bind the unique power of that person’s blood. In the anime, we also see her being able to disappear into surfaces like trees or walls.

What is her zodiac sign?

Kurenai with Mirai Shino and Kiba at Naruto and Hinata's Wedding

The Naruto world is generally unrelated to Western astrology, but some fans still like to speculate on how the characters’ zodiac signs affect their personalities. Red, born June 11, Gemini.

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Gemini is the astrological sign known as the “twins”. People born under this sign are considered more sociable and make friends easily. They are creative and intelligent, but also indecisive. Throughout the series, Hong displays an appreciation for art and skill, and is friendly with all of his teachers, but is also someone who can hesitate before making a decision. Sound like a Gemini.

What does her name mean?

Asma with Red in Naruto: Shippuden

As with most Naruto characters, Hong’s name reveals details about her. In her case, her name is tied to her signature color.

Kurenai is translated as “deep red”, while her surname, Yūhi, is translated as “afternoon sun”, reminiscent of the red and pink colors of sunset. Interestingly, the kanji used to write Kurenai’s name can also be translated into another word, “beni”, which refers to the traditional red makeup used in Japan to paint the lips, like red lipstick. of Kurenai herself in the collection. When Kurenai uses her genjutsu abilities, she even likes red plants and petals.

What role did Red play in Kakashi’s quest to become a teacher of Team 7?

Asuma Guy and Kurenai Save Kakashi in Naruto Shippuden

Fans do not get to see Kurenai’s friendship with Kakashi in the manga. But with the help of Sarutobi Asma and Samurai, she saved Kakashi once or twice. She also found herself the target of Kakashi’s teasing when he caught her dating Asma, though both denied it. However, a flashback shows that Red is always in Kakashi’s best interests.

Before becoming the captain of the Seven Hokage, Kakashi was a member of the secret intelligence organization Konoha Anbu. Red, Asma, and Guy witness Kakashi growing colder and more frustrated with the others, and they work together to convince the Third Hokage to remove him from the organization. The trio encourages him to take Kakashi as a teacher so he can see what the younger generation has to offer and once again form a deeper relationship with those around him.

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