My Hero Academia Brings Back an Early Villain to Hunt for Deku

Warning: Spoiler for My Hero Academia Season 6, Episode 15 my hero academyChuku, who once fought, is now free, and revenge is still in his heart. Now that he’s on the loose again, can Deku stop him?

Back at the camp arc in the woods, Deku is separated from the others and meets a villainous, sadistic, self-proclaimed muscle. Muscle Quirk, as his name suggests, allows him to create new muscle tissue at will, giving him incredible defense/regeneration and attack abilities. Despite taking a lot of damage, in the end Deku still defeated Muscular and captured the killer alive. Now, thanks to the jailbreak of All for One my hero academyMuscles are back on the streets, too.

my hero academy muscle degeneration

Things have changed a lot for Deku, while Muscular is locked down; He’s unlocked new quirks and learned to make the best use of his powers. Although in the universe Forest Camp is only a few months away, it’s been an action-packed couple of months for Deku, which has seen him take on an Overhaul and, most notably, now. my hero academy The whole supernatural liberation war. He wasn’t the boy who was still unaccustomed to his power and couldn’t attack without being seriously injured. Of course, the imprisoned Muscular has no way of knowing this, and there’s really no reason to expect it, at least at this stage. He could see Deku as a much bigger threat than he was expected to deal with.

Is Deku ready for a rematch with Muscular in? my hero academy?MHA-Deku-Strange - Explanation

Another problem Deku had in his first battle with Muscular was that in addition to fighting, he had to protect the boy Kota. With the current situation of Japan my hero academy, afraid that this time taking hostages will not be so easy. While Muscular can be extremely dangerous in group attacks, he’s not exactly a team player; After all, there was a reason he couldn’t escape with the rest of the Alliance.

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Of course, there is also the fact that Deku is currently in the central hospital my hero academy The God of Liberation, because of him, was injured. Now he can’t fight anyone, let alone a dangerous enemy like Muscular. Deku goes into a coma and coma at the end of the episode, with no indication of when he will regain consciousness. Then the question becomes – how did Muscular get revenge? Enough for him to attack the hospital? Or will he simply wreak havoc and make a name for himself, hoping to draw Deku to his side? Neither action is particularly good, and for a guy who aspires to kill two kids in a jungle camp arc, nothing is too much.

any my hero academyThe now-released enemy may be doing it, and the job of stopping him will likely fall to Deku in one way or another. However, Muscles may be shocked to see Deku again – he is no longer a boy.

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