Merlin: 5 Times Morgana Was A Complete Witch (& 5 Times She Was Actually Nice)

Love her or hate her, there’s no doubt Katie McGrath’s Morgana has the best character arc ever Merlin. When fans first met Morgana, they fell in love with Uther’s ward. She is frank, brave and very kind. They also appreciated how Morgana stood up to adversity.

However, it is certain that Morgana will become a better villain as the series goes on and gets more complicated and interesting. Would you like some examples of her clearest moments? Read on to discover 5 of Morgana’s best moments and 5 when she was definitely a witch.

Beautiful: Destroy the Africans

In “Mark of Nimueh”, Morgana states that she will not be seen as a maiden in distress, and volunteers to help Merlin and Arthur clear Gwen’s sins. In this episode, Camelot suffers from a mysterious illness, and Gwen’s father and several residents are near death. Merlin refuses to see him suffer and heals him with magic.

However, a quick recovery aroused suspicion and Gwen was eventually arrested for witchcraft. When Gwen’s life is in danger, Morgana protests her innocence to Uther. When that doesn’t work, she’ll run to Merlin and Gaius’ room to see what she can do to help. This is one of the rare times she is honored more than Arthur.

Absolute Witch: Gaius Torture

Gaius standing in Camelot's throne room

One of the main reasons fans hate the character of Morgana is the amount of damage she can do to get what she wants. An example of this is in “The Secret Sharer”, where she arranges for Gaius to be tortured so she can find out who Emrys is.

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After fighting Emrys, Morgana finds Catha’s Alator and asks him to kidnap Gaius in exchange for her healing bracelet. After that, she had Arator torture Gaius for several days. Fortunately, Gaius only revealed Merlin’s identity to Arato. However, Morgana has become the number one public enemy for fans because of her indirect actions that angered Gaius.

Nice: Save Merlin’s Village

Another heroic moment for Morgana must be when she runs to Ealdor to help Merlin save his village. In “The Moment of Truth”, Merlin’s mother, Hunith, visits Camelot after her village was looted and raided. When she asked if Uther could help them fight, the king refused her request, saying it would lead to war between the kingdoms.

As Merlin prepares to go home, Morgana and Gwen refuse to let him go alone and agree to help Eldor protect. Later, both Morgana and Gwen said they volunteered to help because of what Merlin did for them. This friendship could have turned into a great alliance if Morgana hadn’t turned even more sour.

Absolute Witch: Using the queen to kill innocent people indiscriminately

Fans first realized that Morgana could not be redeemed when she ordered the killing of many of the inhabitants of Camelot. In The Coming of King Arthur: Part 2, Morgana begins her reign of terror by forcing the Camelot knights to swear allegiance to her.

When Leon and the other knights refused her request, Morgana cornered them and had her soldiers open fire on the crowd. She doesn’t even show any remorse for her actions, Morgana just continues to complain about why the knights and people of Camelot are not loyal to her (ironically).

Beautiful: Save Mordred

Remember what Morgana said: “Sometimes you have to do what you think is right and then live with the consequences?” – If that’s the kind of moral code she follows, does that mean she’s not always a bad person? Fans must admit that she has the right heart as she continues to stand up to protect the lives of innocent magic users.

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One of the most famous episodes is “The Beginning of the End”, in which Morgana takes Mordred out of town after he is attacked by Camelot’s patrol. Forget about prophecy, fans will have to put themselves in Morgana’s shoes and remember that she has no idea about Mordred’s future. She just wants to make sure that an innocent child is not executed for something beyond her control. You can say very heroic.

Absolute Witch: Torture Merlin

While Morgana can be considered a brave warrior, she can also be as evil as the other villains. In “The Servant of Two Masters,” fans saw how insidious Morgana became as she tortured and brainwashed Merlin to obey her orders.

After ambushing Merlin and Arthur in the woods, Morgana returns the wizard to her alcove and uses Fire Mora to turn him into her personal assassin. Since Morgana ordered Merlin to kill Arthur, the witch won’t be free unless he grants her wish. If Morgana’s plan succeeds, she will completely break Merlin’s spirit.

Nice: Ask Arthur to save Gwen

Another underrated moment of Morgana and Gwen’s friendship is when the King’s Guardians call in those who refuse to rescue Gwen. In “Lancelot and Guinevere”, Morgana and her maid run into trouble when they are ambushed by outlaws while visiting Gorlois’s tomb.

Gwen sacrificed herself to save Morgana, and the sorceress returned to Camelot to ask the king to send Arthur and some men to save her. When no one came forward to challenge Uther’s refusal, Morgana lashed out and called them cowards and callous. While Arthur arranges a rescue, Morgana tries to talk to him. A friend you would love to have in your corner.

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Absolute Witch: Torture and Brainwashing Gwen

At the start of season 5, Morgana and Gwen’s friendship was completely ruined as the witch continued her pursuit of glory as Queen of Camelot. In “The Dark Tower”, Morgana decides to break Gwen’s mind by making the Queen face her worst fears, then brainwashing her into being mean.

At first, Gwen seems resistant to her methods. However, Morgana was able to break Gwen when she enchanted a sword that eventually killed Elyan. The episode ends with Gwen blaming Arthur for everything and pledging allegiance to Morgana. This just shows fans how ruthless she has become.

Beautiful: Protecting Merlin

One of the coolest things Morgana ever did was certify Arthur to Merlin multiple times. Fans may not realize it, but Morgana was instrumental in creating Arthur’s relationship with Merlin, especially in season 1. In “Mark of Nimueh”, Morgana convinces Arthur to trust Merlin’s hunch. about Afnc.

When she convinces Arthur to disobey her father’s orders and save Merlin’s life, she also helps establish a bond between the servant and the prince in “Poison Goblet”. Not to mention how she proved to Merlin when she told Arthur she believed he would keep her secret in “The Beginning Ends”. Regardless of Morgana’s outcome, she plays an important role in Merlin and Arthur’s relationship.

Absolute Witch: Betrayal Arthur

Morgana Pendragon standing next to her horse in Merlin season 5

The worst thing Morgana ever did was betray Arthur. When Morgana found out she was Arthur’s sister, their relationship changed – and not for the better. Instead of working together to strike a balance, Morgana decides she wants the throne on her own and begins trying to bring Arthur down.

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