Lisa Kudrow Reveals How Telling Conan O’Brien He Was ‘Nobody’ Was a Good Thing During ‘Late Night’ Auditions

Lisa Kudrow reflected on the unique way she lifted her ex Conan O’Brien’s spirits when he was auditioning to replace David Letterman as host of Late at night in the early 90s.

Conan took over the show in 1993 and held the hosting position until 2009, when Jimmy Fallon took over. The concert now belongs to Seth Meyers.

While he is now considered one of the best late-night hosts of all time, Conan was new to the scene at the time, which raised some questions about whether he would be chosen.

Thirty years later, a new retrospective on his time on the show reveals how Lisa lifted his spirits with a unique compliment.

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Speaking to Vanity Fair, Lisa said she didn’t remember “how much we talked” about the audition process.

“I just knew: ‘You’re trying to replace David Letterman.’ Nobody replaces David Letterman. You’re nobody,’” he explained. “It can’t be anyone the public would know.”

Lisa went on to praise Conan for his work on the show.

“He kept appearing like him. He continued to be himself, with his own humor and comedy, where if you keep doing it, people will understand: ‘Oh, that’s you.’ This is not something uncomfortable. It’s you,’” he said.

If you missed it, earlier this year Lisa opened up about her lifelong friendship with Friends Co-star Courteney Cox during a very special event.

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