Noah Cyrus breaks silence on social media after claiming her mom Tish ‘stole’ Dominic Purcell

As gossip circulates about his family’s current dynamic, Noah Cyrus breaks his silence by posting rare photos and a workout video.

On her Instagram Story, Noah shared some photos of her working out in tiny shorts and a black hoodie. He then posted a video of her walking on a treadmill in heels.

The interesting workout snaps come just after sources revealed to Us Weekly that Noah Cyrus’ mom, Tish, allegedly stole Domonic Purcell from him. “Noah was [seeing] Dominic when Tish started chasing him,” a source shared with the media outlet.

It was further noted that Tish was aware of the situation between her daughter and Purcell. However, that did not stop him from moving forward. Prison Break star.

It was further revealed that Noah Cyrus was not invited to her mother and Purcell’s wedding in August 2023. A source claimed that her sister Miley increased security at the event by having armed guards to make sure Noah didn’t show up.

Fans previously assumed that the reason for Noah’s absence was because she sided with Billy Ray in his parents’ divorce in 2022. The former couple was married for 30 years before breaking up. Along with Miley and Naoh, Tish and Billy Ray share children Brandy, Trace and Braison.

Braison also did not appear to attend Tish’s wedding, as he was seen with Noah on the day of the event. “The turmoil between Noé and Tish goes much further than [what people think]“the source told us. “Noah is very distraught because Tish stole Dominic.”

Noah Cyrus’s mother gushes about her new husband

While appearing in calls his daddy On the podcast earlier this week, Noah Cyrus’ mother Tish opened up about her marriage to Dominic Purcell. “I can’t even tell you how wonderful it is,” she gushed. “I’m living my best life and he’s delicious.”

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Noah Cyrus also opened up about her life before divorcing ex-husband Billy Ray. “She hasn’t been in a good place for a long time,” Tish admitted. “I think I stayed so long out of fear. Literal fear of being alone.”

“I met him when [was] 24. Then I grew up… [and] he was a big part of that. Then being alone and suddenly having the weight of the world on my shoulders somehow and [I] “I was able to just breathe.”

Just before getting divorced, Billy Ray had returned to Tennessee during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tish stayed in Los Angeles with Miley and Noah. He said the situation was “hugely transformative” for her. She also had to endure being alone after the loss of her mother, Loretta Finley.

“Honestly, I had like a month of complete psychological breakdown,” he explained. “It was the worst. “Honestly… it wasn’t good.”

After finally leaving her relationship with Billy Ray, Tish moved on to Dominic, who had contacted her through Instagram in 2018. She messaged him and the rest is history.

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