Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl and fans go crazy online

Fans were excited when the Kansas City Chiefs pulled off a second-half comeback, defeating the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime. The Chiefs achieved a historic milestone by securing back-to-back Super Bowl championships, a feat accomplished only once in the last two decades by the New England Patriots.

Kansas City earned its fourth Super Bowl victory, marking its third victory in the last five years. The Chiefs previously won their first Super Bowl title in 1969. Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback, was named Super Bowl MVP, an honor he received after each of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victories in the last five. years.

Of course, overjoyed fans took to social media to celebrate the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory. “Chiefs Kingdom, we just won back-to-back Super Bowls. Celebrate accordingly. GOOD NIGHT,” Chiefs account X (formerly Twitter). aware.

“Chiefs Kingdom reigns with back-to-back Super Bowl wins! “Let the party go, champions!” proclaimed one fan. “Incredible victory, what a celebration,” another fan chimed in. “Give me pictures of Taylor Swift with the Super Bowl ring NOW!!!!” gushed one Swiftie NFL observer.

Other fans were already looking forward to the Chiefs’ next Super Bowl victory. “We have been working hard to get all six for five years in a row. Let’s get back up and be stronger,” wrote one fan.

Other NFL fans were throwing shade after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win

Meanwhile, other fans aren’t taking the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory very well. While fans rejoiced in the victory, it also ignited a heated debate among social media users.

Some speculated that the game was so perfectly written in the Chiefs’ favor that it could have won an Oscar. Adding to the rumors is that the team’s tight end, Travis Kelce, is romantically linked to pop superstar Taylor Swift.

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On X, popular streamer Adin Ross wrote that the “49ers deserved that win. It’s so manipulated that I hope you can see it for what it is, really manipulated. Bosses, you guys were so lucky that Taylor Swift bailed you out.”

The 49ers deserved that victory. It’s so manipulated that I hope you can see it for what it is, really manipulated. Bosses, you guys were so lucky Taylor Swift came to your rescue.

– adin (@adinross) February 12, 2024

Other Super Bowl watchers agreed with Adin, writing “Obviously, we knew they were going to win weeks ago.” Another fan agreed that Swift’s presence at the games ensured the Chiefs’ victory in the Super Bowl. “You should have known that the moment he took off months ago. The first time I saw her there I knew the bosses would win,” they wrote.

At a time when “perhaps social media has gone too far,” even President Joe Biden joined in on the fun. Biden’s official X account mocked Super Bowl conspiracy theorists, jokingly suggesting that he did indeed rig the big night.

Swift’s unpopularity in gaming appears to be due to her political activism. she openly backed up President Joe Biden during his 2020 campaign and expressed criticism of former President Donald Trump.

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