Destiny 2: Every Way To Get Artifice Armor Before Lightfall

Artifice Armor is a powerful piece of equipment that can be obtained from Destiny 2’s end game event. Guardians can be equipped with additional mods, freeing up other slots.

Artifice Armor is a special item introduced in the 30th Anniversary Update destiny 2. This armor is not easy to obtain and can only be obtained by completing difficult content late in the game. Guardians need a lot of power and a well thought out build to get this equipment. Artifice Armor is coveted because it has high stats and has an extra mod slot. Guardians should collect a full set of this set first Lighthouse.

As of Season 19, there are only three ways to get Artifice Armor in the game. 30th Anniversary Update at destiny 2 Introducing Mastery of the Greedy Dungeon. In this event, Guardians will enter the “infamous”“Hang Boot” And discover the fate of Fireteam, influenced by greed. In addition to the addition of a great variety of weapons, this dungeon also creates a main difficulty for the first time. While each encounter remains the same, the player faces a formidable challenge. Master Dungeons are harsh and not for the faint of heart. As a reward for defeating each boss, the Guardian can earn Artifice Armor.

How to get Artifice Armor before Lightfall in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Artifice Armor Warden Spire

Since Grasp of Avarice, Bungie has added two new dungeons with Master difficulty. Haunted Season brings duality, and Seraph Season brings Watcher’s Spire. Same as in Grandmaster Nightfalls destiny 2, players need to hone their skills to complete these activities. Enemies in Master Dungeons have more health and deal massive damage. Luckily, the loot you get from Perseverance is one of the best in the game. See below for details on how to access each dungeon:

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right to use

Grasp greed

eternal button

30th anniversary bag



Requires purchase of The Witch Queen Deluxe or Dungeon Key

Observation Tower

Savathun’s Throne World

Requires purchase of The Witch Queen Deluxe or Dungeon Key

Currently, Artifice Armor comes with an additional slot dedicated to Artifact Mods. This can help free up slots on the device and facilitate build crafting. Bungie recently announced that these additional positions will be available in Lighthouse. Artifact Mods will be available at destiny 2. Guardians with all five pieces of armor will receive a total of 15 attribute points. While Artifice Armor may not be much different from regular gear, it does give players more freedom in varying their build. The guardian might want to start farming the main dungeon first Lighthouse Posted on destiny 2 February 28, 2023.

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