Is Dorian Thompson-Robinson single or dating anyone? Everything we know about his personal life

Dorian Thompson-Robinson is about to have a big day as the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback during Sunday’s big game!

The 24-year-old rookie replaces the team’s regular quarterback, Deshaun Watson, who just suffered a shoulder injury that will keep him sidelined.

Dorian got off to a rough start this season after going 19 of 36 for 121 yards and three interceptions during his NFL debut on Oct. 1, leading the Browns to a massive loss.

So what do you need to know about Dorian’s personal life?

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Dorian is the son of Michael Robinson and Dr. Melva Thompson-Robinson, a public health professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has two brothers.

After playing college football for the UCLA Bruins, Dorian was selected by the Browns as a fifth-round pick.

It is currently unclear if Dorian has a girlfriend at the moment, although the press has already made reference to his love life.

He Los Angeles Times You did an article on him in July 2021 and wrote about a time when Dorian had to quarantine in the UCLA dorms due to COVID exposure. The outlet wrote: “Isolation was distressing for someone who thrived on social interaction. Thompson-Robinson tried to remain optimistic and called his girlfriend and his mother.

Dorian’s Instagram does not include any information about his personal life, but he did post a photo from May 2021 in which he has a woman’s hands resting on his face.


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