Enormous Arcanine Pokémon Plush Is Cute But Costly

A new enormous plush of Arcanine from Pokémon is cute but quite expensive. The Pokémon Center offers a broad array of merchandise, including plushes of the franchise’s wide array of creatures in a variety of sizes and poses. The site recently released Hisuian Form plushes from Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and it has released special seasonal items as well.

Though the only physical locations of the Pokémon Center are located in Japan, save for one in the Singapore airport, fans can browse the store’s merchandise online. Collecting Pokémon merchandise has long been considered a way for fans to show their love of the series, and the Pokémon Center is an ideal way to achieve this goal. Players who want other options can look to other collectible plush collaborations that the Pokémon series has been involved with. These include the Pokémon and Build-A-Bear team-up that brought fans Eevee, Pikachu, Mew, and more.

Available through the Pokémon Center, this Arcanine plush is 27 1/2 inches tall and 59 inches long and will cost a whopping $449.99 USD. It is quite fluffy, and the description on the listing mentions that it is ideal for hugging. The site also notes that this plush ships in about five to nine business days, but at the time of writing, it is available for free shipping. Regular shipping price has yet to be disclosed, but at a weight of 185oz or around 11 pounds, it might be even more costly. It is a Pokémon Center original, meaning that the real version of this plush can only be purchased through the site. On Twitter, Nintendeal shared the plush and many people replied that they had already gotten theirs and found it to be well worth the price.

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The Pokémon Center has released giant Pokémon plushes, like a $400 USD Lucario, a few times before, and it seems like the trend of life-size stuffed Pokémon shows no sign of slowing down. These larger-scale items usually range from around $250 USD to $450 USD, but aside from the Arcanine plush, the only other plush to reach that top price tag was the massive Slowpoke plush. The Pokémon Center does carry much smaller items at a more reasonable price, but for major collectors or fans of Pokémon, this Arcanine plush might be exactly what someone is looking for.

Since these Pokémon Center plushes have been released frequently, fans are likely to be curious about what the next giant plush will be. The Slowpoke, Lucario, and interesting Gengar plush with a giant tongue are all Pokémon that have been given their chance to shine as large-scale plushes, but with such a wide roster of Pokémon to choose from, one has to wonder what will come next. Fans will have to keep an eye on the Pokémon Center website to see if their favorite Pokémon will arrive.

Source: Pokémon Center, Nintendeal/Twitter

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