How tall is Elizabeth Debicki? ‘The Crown’ actress talks about Princess Diana’s height and reacts to criticism

Elizabeth Debicki plays Princess Diana in seasons five and six of The crown and much has been said about his height compared to the height of the real-life figure.

The 33-year-old actress is taller than her co-star Dominic West, who plays Prince Charles, which has attracted media attention for some time now.

Now, Elizabeth comments on her height.

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For those who don’t know, Elizabeth is 6’3″ while the real Princess Diana was 5’10”.

Dominic is 6’0″ while the real Prince Charles is 5’10″. So while the two actors should be the same height, Elizabeth is a few inches taller.

“Princess Diana herself was very tall. She was just under six feet tall and I think she and Charles were always the same height,” Elizabeth said. vanity fairwhile noting that she was taller when she wore heels.

He added: “There are some famous photos we’ve seen of them where the height has been altered slightly, which I’ve always found interesting to see, from the beginning of the relationship.”

In fact, Elizabeth noted that “they were face to face, which is a beautiful, powerful and aesthetically pleasing thing to see.”

“Society still has this very outdated idea that women need to be small,” Elizabeth added. “It slightly threatens that unconscious status quo that we still have. I really feel like that’s changing significantly, but that may be ingrained in you as a tall person… You have to do your own work to get rid of that and think, I’m allowed to be the height that I am, which means… It’s It allows me to take up as much space as I take up. I don’t have to be smaller for people. But it’s definitely a journey.”

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