How rich is the royal family? We ranked them by their net worth, and even 10-year-old Prince George already owns a small fortune!

The British royal family is possibly the most recognizable royal family in the world. They live in palaces, wear royal jewels and lead a luxurious lifestyle. But how much money do you make as a royal?

Now that King Charles recently celebrated his first anniversary of ruling and held his coronation over the summer, there is renewed interest in the family. That includes curiosity about how much its various members are worth.

We did some research and looked at some of the most recognizable members of the royal family to rank them based on their estimated net worth. Believe it or not, the new king is significantly richer than his late mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Perhaps even more surprising is that Prince William and Princess Catherine’s eldest son, Prince George, already has a small fortune of his own!

Scroll through a ranking of the British royal family based on their estimated net worth…

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