How Much Time Passed In The Good Place (In Years & Jeremy Bearimys)

Good place Taking the concepts of time and space and twisting them all into a knot, it’s hard to know exactly how much time Eleanor and her friends spent in the afterlife. The series only lasted four short seasons, but with its jumps, drops, and reboots, it lasted much longer than it first looked. Good place Jeremy Berimy’s odd way of looking at time instead of years – an idea that doesn’t do much to clarify how long Soul Squad has been dead.

After Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani died on Earth, their souls were sent to the afterlife in what they thought was a nominally good place. Of course, they’ll eventually find out that they’ve actually been convicted in the Bad Place, and they’ll have to fight to prove that humans deserve something better, and at the same time establish a new afterlife system where souls keep trying until they get their morals right. This is easier said than done, many lives come and go in connection with the Earth year. Good place It’s unclear how much time has passed between Eleanor’s death and her ascension – but there are some clues.

Good Place’s Timeline Is Intentionally Confusing (But There Are Clues)

Good place Season 1 is the longest in the series without much time to jump around. During Michael’s first test at the fake Good Place, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason were tortured for nearly a year before discovering they were in Bad Place. This begins Good place Part 2 reboot. Time and again, all four were rebooted 802 times as the evil Michael attempted to carry out his experiments. Ultimately, Michael revealed, this spanned over 300 Earth years.

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From there, the schedule Good place becomes more complex. Through a series of events including the Judge of the Universe, humans are sent back to Earth and resurrected, possibly through a repeating time meter known as Jeremy Belmy. This unit is used to discuss the number of years that have passed since this point. So, combined with three centuries in Michael’s fake Good Place, the soul group repeats itself over and over again. At the end of the day, this timeline never makes sense – but there are clues to making it work.

Eleanor came up from a good place after about 3,000 Jeremy Berimy

Eleanor Kiddy - The Good Place

After proving to the judge that the current method of determining the morality of the dead has been broken, the Soul Rangers are given one Earth year to conduct an experiment to prove their new method works. . This takes up a lot of time Good place Season 4 is once again a small part of Eleanor’s life (which is also a good thing, since Chidi doesn’t remember her during that time). After a successful test, the four are sent to a really good place where they can live for as long as they like.

It looks different for each of these four. Good place The finale of Season 4 jumps from character to character to show what everyone’s afterlife experience looks like, with the time between each character’s ascensions measured in Jeremy Bearimys ( time unit of the afterlife). Jason spent 2,242 JB finally finished the game perfectly crazy and Tahani 323.6 JB to complete her checklist and become an architect in the afterlife. Then another 661.7 JB passed before Chidi finally felt he was done and another 3.22 JB before it was Eleanor’s turn – a total of 3,230.52 JB for Jeremy Bearimys.

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How many earth years does The Good Place’s Jeremy Berimy have?

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Knowing that Eleanor has lived in Heaven for over 3,000 years Jeremy Belmy doesn’t make much sense if viewers don’t know that that equates to Earth years and Good place There has never been a TV show about this. However, fans got creative with how they estimated. Redditor FlyingDutchman9977 points out that Jason needs 2,242 JB to play the game perfectly crazytried 400,000 times what his father mentioned. according to How long to beat, defeat Madden On average it takes 45 hours. Using these details (and more), the Redditor deduced that Jeremy Bearimy is approximately 99.34 years old.

This means that about 298,320 years have passed since Eleanor died and showed up at Michael’s fake Good Place office until she decided to walk through that final door. Of course, the show’s creators never intended to let Jeremy Bearimy make any sense, so fans discovered some other way to calculate JB’s value (with very interesting results). different). Either way, it’s clear that Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason are all living in the afterlife. Good place.

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