Heavenly And Contessa Clash Over Heavenly’s YouTube Channel Material On Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine premiered a new episode on Bravo on Sunday, July 31, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET. The popular program follows the lives of seven women who either work in the medical sector or have spouses who do. As the women balance their lives and negotiate personal and professional relationships, viewers are offered enough drama. Heavenly’s intervention this week did not go well, as seen by her battle with Contessa. Heavenly departed Contessa’s home and had an emotional outburst as a result of her intervention.

Heavenly’s YouTube channel material caused a disagreement among the Married to Medicine women. Contessa, Toya, and Simone prepared an intervention for Heavenly about the material in which she disclosed facts about other women’s personal lives in order to obtain more followers on her social network account. Meanwhile, supporters were divided on the subject. While some thought Heavenly only revealed things that were public, some thought that revealing Contessa’s marital problems on her channel wasn’t the best idea.

In the most recent episode of Married to Medicine, what occurred between Heavenly and Contessa?

Contessa and Heavenly clashed over Heavenly’s account of Contessa being unhappy about her marital problems. This resulted in an argument between the two, in which Heavenly was chastised for having an opinion on a marriage that had lasted over 15 years. With the argument just becoming more heated this week, more drama is predicted in the next episodes. Contessa, Simone, and Toya’s intervention for Heavenly didn’t go well on this week’s episode of Married to Medicine. Heavenly felt deceived and wounded when she was accused of exploiting her YouTube channel to discuss the women’s personal concerns in order to obtain more followers and subscribers.

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While the women were preparing a presentation for the intervention, Heavenly merely chuckled at all the problems, which irritated Contessa. Contessa expected Heavenly to feel sorry for speaking publicly about the women, but when she didn’t, Contessa was quite upset. When Jackie went to speak to Heavenly, she told her that Contessa’s concern should be with her husband, not with her. She just did it since everything was already out in the open. Heavenly went on to explain that she and Contessa would never be able to overcome their differences and become friends.

Fans had mixed feelings regarding Heavenly and Contessa’s feud.

Heavenly and Contessa’s quarrel divided fans. Many people considered that Contessa should be humiliated by her husband’s behavior, not Heavenly’s since the latter had simply talked about what was previously known. Some, on the other hand, chastised Heavenly for gossiping about Contessa’s personal life.

Heavenly embarrassed you Contessa? Not Scott? #Married2Med pic.twitter.com/rLvIPVgdWI

— Pam (@heyyypam) August 1, 2022

Heavenly is gonna talk about the wrong person one day. Her mouth is recklesssss & she’s a big coward when she gets called out. #Married2Med

— Gabriella (@xoxoItsGabby) August 1, 2022

What else occurred on this week’s Married to Medicine episode?

The one-hour episode of Married to Medicine Season 9 was jam-packed with dramatic happenings involving cast members. The official synopsis for episode 4, titled Party Foul, is as follows:

“Heavenly struggles with adjusting her habits; Contessa must decide whether to let go of one of her closest friendships; Anila strives to balance work and her children, and Anila and Kiran’s Halloween party prank goes bad.”

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Anila struggled to manage her children without the assistance of her nanny, Miss Gomez, whom she had earlier given an emotional goodbye. Miss Gomez was extremely close to the family and cared for the children as if they were her own. The reality star spoke up about parenting her children with her mother and reflecting on her own childhood.


Simone and Cecil had a Halloween party, which sparked a dispute between the two guys. A joke by the Sajja family irritated Toya’s husband Eugene, resulting in a confrontation between him and the Sajja family. The show ended on a cliffhanger, with the battle set to resume next week. Every episode of Married to Medicine becomes more thrilling, and fans will have to keep watching to find out what more is in store for this season. The women are certain to have more squabbles, which will lead to more drama for viewers. Only time will tell if Contessa and Heavenly will be able to make it up or will split up for the duration of the season.

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