Greg Baylor Was The Only Person Garcia Shot On Criminal Minds

most of the main characters criminal psychology It’s relatively easy to trigger, but Penelope Garcia has only shot one person in the entire series – rogue sheriff and serial killer Greg Baylor.Kirsten Vanceness criminal psychology The character Penelope Garcia has been a favorite with audiences since the crime drama aired on CBS 2005. The eccentric female hacker is an integral part of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (aka BAU). , acting as a technical analyst and helping her colleagues throughout the course of the film. by gathering information about perpetrators (“unknown subjects”) and their victims to solve crimes.

Due to the nature of her job, Garcia spends most of her time in criminal psychology Behind her desk in her lab at BAU headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, while the rest of her team goes on a mission to capture the dangerous submarine. This setup is perfect for Garcia, as she is often distracted by the painful crimes the team investigates, so being in a comfort zone away from the main action allows her to do what she wants. best while being somewhat protected from the effects of a more dire case. reality at work. She also doesn’t like guns, so it’s best to stay away from the team’s direct confrontations with criminals.

That said, Garcia sometimes finds herself taking a more direct role in BAU team missions. in a two-part story criminal psychology For example, in season 3, Garcia dates a seemingly nice guy named Jason Clark Butt (Bailey Chase), who turns out to be a serial killer who nearly shot her when he thought she care about yourself. Later, when Jason tries to kill Garcia again, her BAU colleague and best friend Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) insists that she carry a gun for self-defense when dealing with Jason. It was the first time Garcia used a gun in the series, although she was not forced to use it at the time. In fact, the only person Garcia actually shot was Greg Baylor criminal psychology Season 9.

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Played by Potsch Boyd, Greg Baylor first appeared on criminal psychology Season 9 finale “Devil”. He is part of a corrupt sheriff’s deputy led by Owen McGregor (Michael Trucco), who plots a string of murders in Texas and is ordered to kill Greg after witnessing him We run away from the crime scene. Dead BAU’s resident genius, Spencer Reed (Matthew Gray Gubler). In the end, Greg works as an undercover nurse at the hospital where Spencer is recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered in the previous episode, Gets Him Out of the Hospital. Fortunately, Garcia cared for Spencer in the hospital and stopped Baylor with a non-lethal shot from Spencer’s revolver before Baylor could carry out her plan – proving that she protecting her. She’s not afraid to stand up when she’s a team member. .

criminal psychology After an incredible 15 seasons, the show comes to an end in 2020 with the series finale that saw the very popular Penelope Garcia leave the BAU for a new nonprofit. show. However, in early 2021, it was reported that the CBS Paramount+ streaming service was back up and running. criminal psychology The limited 10-episode run will see several returning actors, including David Rossi actor Joe Mantegna, AJ Cooke as Jennifer “JJ” Jarrow and of course Kirsten Vanceness reprising the role of Garcia. criminal psychology Revives, but the odds of Garcia shooting someone back are low — that is, unless one of her party members is in trouble.

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