Cowboy Spider-Man Might Just Have The Most Tragic Origin in the Spider-Verse

Tragic origin stories are normal for spiders, no matter what dimension they come from, but Cowboy Spider-Man — aka Web-Slinger — can be much worse. spider fishing #4 of Taran Killam and Juan Gedeon sees Spider-Man in the Wild West assist Miles Morales in battling some very familiar bandits. Along the way, new insights reveal the man’s motives behind the meshed pistol.

The problems started when Web-Slinger stopped a train robbery led by Kraven. The crooks escaped, but Web-Slinger saved the passengers before the train plunged into a nearby river. As he wrestled with the current, the net thrower reflected on his current situation. “More often…trying to do the right thing makes me feel like I’m swimming against the current…especially in the past, when I’ve done so many things wrong myself.” In Webslinger’s masked eyepiece, an image of a Confederate soldier appeared, holding a Confederate corpse with a cannon and Stars and Stripes behind him. “Ben, forgive me. Brother,” said the soldier, apparently a Web-Slinger. The rest of the season follows Web-Slinger’s encounter with Miles Morales, who jumps through dimension and protects Mexican villagers from bandits led by “El Escorpion”.

Web-Slinger first appeared on awesome spiderman #9, but his origins until spiderweb competition spider cellar #first. Among these, Patrick O’Hara is an itinerant gunman who has a frenetic relationship with snake oil seller Michael Morbius, Apache’s elixir of life. Working on the Wild West show. When a spider is accidentally captured by an elixir of life, its bite gives Patrick and his horse Widow powers, but also turns Morbius into a vampire. Web-Slinger managed to stop Morbius as Ponderosa Parker and Web-Slinger, though his history before becoming a gunman remains a mystery. Web-Slinger also appears in The Last Spider-Man cartoon, as a cowardly and reluctant hero entangled in the conflict between Doc Ock Holiday and some alternate reality opponents. His uncle Ben is revealed to be the mind-controlled Phantom Rider who actually saves him at the end of the episode.

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Web-Slinger’s tragic backstory in Civil War (the war between Captain America and Iron Man, not Captain America and Iron Man… or Captain Marvel and Iron Man) adds an interesting new dynamic to the character. . When teenager Peter Parker argues with his uncle Ben, Patrick O’Hara and his brother Ben are arch-rivals, and given the ominous image, Patrick could very well have killed Ben, or at least by his death. This addition not only adds a tragic twist to its Western setting. Writer Taran Killam is recreating many elements of The Lone Ranger… right from the title of this installment, “The Lonely Stranger”. Likewise, Lone Ranger’s brother Dan is killed in an ambush, making the hero the sole survivor. Both heroes are shaped by family tragedies, but the plot of the Web-Slinger Civil War drives the characters to seek redemption, creating a perfect hero for the harsh border setting surrounding them. around him.

Web-Slinger’s bloody storyline ultimately made the character an interesting addition to Spider-Verse. While the sources of his powers bring a needed dose of Western mysticism to his character, his real motives are shaped by the country’s own tumultuous history. and the promise of the border. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time Web-Slinger and the Widow appear in the pages of Spider-Man.

spider fishing Taran Killam and Juan Gedeon’s #4 is now out.

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