Golden Globes 2024: Hilarious Video of Harrison Ford’s Reaction to Jo Koy Joke Hits the Internet

A candid moment of Harrison Ford reacting to comedian Jo Koy bombing his Golden Globes hosting duties is going viral.

Jo Koy, the comedian and host of this year’s Golden Globes, was asked about his plans for his opening monologue on the red carpet. Would you opt for scorching humor like Ricky Gervais? Or would you choose a gentler, more charming approach, taking inspiration from Sandra Oh? Perhaps she would find a middle ground, reminiscent of the legendary duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

His answer was clear: he wanted to show his unique style. However, if his goal was to deliver one of the most mediocre opening monologues in the show’s history, he certainly achieved it.

Jo Koy’s Golden Globes jokes failed to resonate with either viewers at home or celebrities in attendance, including Harrison Ford. Ford’s bemused reaction to the awkward monologue was evident for a moment. published in X (formerly Twitter).

Of course, X users immediately weighed in on Ford’s not-so-satisfied behavior during Koy’s monologue. Many found Ford’s apparent assessment accurate. “It was painful to see,” agreed one X user. “Not just him… it was like almost everyone was grimacing,” agreed another observer.

However, one fan seemed to believe that was simply Harrison Ford’s default setting and had nothing to do with Jo Koy’s clumsy Golden Globes jokes. “Ford has always been a grumpy, low-energy guy… . No surprise,” they wrote. Despite this call, another X user responded: “Ford has a much better sense of humor than the host.”

Harrison Ford didn’t seem alone in his reaction to Jo Koy’s Golden Globes gaffes

Harrison Ford wasn’t the only one who had mixed feelings about Jo Koy’s jokes. Many X posts criticized the length and lack of humor. Her jokes about the movie nominees Barbie and oppenheimer He received moans.

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oppenheimer is based on a 721-page Pulitzer Prize on the Manhattan Project and Barbie “She’s on a plastic doll with big tits,” Koy blurted out at one point. Another X post captured bewildered reactions from Selena Gomez and Emma Stone alongside Ford.

The Indiana Jones legend was present to support two television projects that he was part of in 2023. 1923which she starred in alongside Helen Mirren (also nominated for Best Actress in a TV Drama Series), was nominated for Best TV Drama Series.

Meanwhile, Ford’s Apple TV+ program Contraction received a nomination for Best Performance in a Comedy Series for co-star Jason Segal. However, all of Harrison Ford’s people left empty-handed at this year’s Golden Globes. Between that and Jo Koy’s terrible jokes, Ford must have had a rough night. Hey, at least there was an open bar!

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