Goku, Luffy, Naruto, & Ichigo Unite in Epic New Shonen Jump Figures

The four main characters of the most popular and successful manga of the past decades, Dragon ball goku, bleach Ichigo, A piece Luffy and Naruto reunite in an epic depth drama that shows how crazy and wonderful it is for these four heroes to sit at the same table.

Look at the popularity of anime and manga related products like Dragon ball And naruto It’s no surprise that these days doll studios are springing up around the world, creating figurines of fan-favorite characters and selling them through third-party websites. These can be licensed or unlicensed, so buying them can be difficult, but there’s no denying that some studios have created incredible pieces that fans are sure to want. hand touch. Model maker 7Stars Studio specializes in ‘Super Deformed’ (SD) figurines of Shonen Jump’s most popular characters, often in unusual and interesting poses.

Now, the latest offer from 7Stars Studio shows what would happen if Goku, Naruto, Ichigo and Luffy sat at the same card table. The character composite is titled “J-Stars’ Chaos War,” a name that perfectly sums up the chaos that could ensue if these four wild characters were in the same room. Luffy and Goku sit at the same table, and while the Saiyans look at their cards, the future One Piece cheats by using its elastic powers, taking advantage of Goku’s forgetfulness trait. Standing on the table, Naruto threw a dart-style card at Ichigo, while Reaper prepared to parry it with his trusty Zangetsu, Zangetsu. The scene is completed by many small details, such as Naruto’s frog wallet or Ichigo’s alternate Shinigami badge. The characters sit around Chabudai, a low Japanese-style table, on Zabuton cushions, creating a very traditional setting that contrasts with the characters’ antics. The statue measures 19 cm wide, 17 cm deep and 33 cm high and is available for pre-order through a dedicated website until July 11, 2022. The statue will be released by Bucket&Shovel in Q4 2022.

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“Big Three” is the nickname given to three of Weekly Shonen Jump’s most successful manga in the 2000s: Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece. All three are extremely old and popular, and have produced equally successful anime series that have contributed to the growing popularity of Western otaku culture over the past two decades. They are considered spiritual successors Dragon ballwas the most popular manga series in Weekly Shonen Jump’s “Golden Era” in the early 1990s, when the wide distribution and recognition of Akira Toriyama’s work also helped to gain the popularity of manga and anime. high outside of Japan.

This meeting of Goku, Ichigo, Naruto, and Luffy, four of Weekly Shonen Jump’s most popular manga heroes, is a dream come true for many fans and this statue is a tribute. Great tribute to the characters who made modern manga history.

Source: Bucket and Shovel

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