Genshin Impact: Why You Should Never Face Azhdaha In Co-Op Mode

Genshin ShockWhile Azdhar is one of the hardest bosses in the game, it should never be faced in co-op. Azdahar is one of the bosses in the weekly Terrance Realm and it drops important items for players looking to improve certain character talents. The sealed Lord Vishapus can reward the challenger with a Dragon Crown, Blood Jade Branch, and Gold-plated Scales, which can be used to raise the talents of Umia, Ayaka, and Yelan respectively.

Bosses can also drop some other useful items, such as artifact shards, Dream Solvents, Northlander weapon casts, and gems. Before that, however, the player must discover that the creature is actually one of Zhongli’s missing companions in the game. Genshin Shock.After one of Zhongli’s story quests “Historical Antiquities: Act II – Not Just Stones” is over, players can challenge Gensin effectThe weekly battles of Azhdaha, although it is recommended to play alone rather than in cooperation with friends or strangers.

Azdahar should face alone in “Yuan Shen”

Genshin Impact's central illustration shows Azhdaha, the legendary earth dragon, after granting the creature eyes.

The Earth Dragon is a formidable foe, and of course, the idea of ​​having multiple characters defeat it at once sounds like the best strategy to defeat it–this actually applies to most bosses. in HoYoverse’s role-playing game. However, that was not the case for this particular boss. Genshin ShockAzhdaha should not be tackled in co-op, the player must defeat it alone.

Azhdaha’s unique mechanics can be integrated into Genshin Impact cooperative teams

The original god Azdah was trapped in the pillars of Morax beneath Liyue Town and Dragon Town.

This is due to the defeat strategy Genshin ShockAzhdaha revolves around surviving a certain combat mechanic, which can be quite dangerous if not mitigated properly. During the second and third phases of the battle, the creature infuses itself with an element. While this may not seem like an inherent threat, as many of the bosses in the game use elemental attacks, Azdhar’s special mechanics can make combat difficult. Players without a protective shield will be marked when they are hit by elementals, and marked characters will continue to take additional elemental damage.

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Being marked and continuously taking damage is the fastest way to get eliminated Genshin ShockAzhdaha encounters, especially in co-op. There is no suitable ally shield, such as the mid-range Constellation 2 (C2) Genshin Shock Or burly Diona, whose party members are capable of being melted down by the boss’s elemental mechanics. In co-op, if geo-characters don’t create enough shields for everyone, or if DPS and supports fail to take the resulting shields, the team will likely be wiped out, leaving only damage shields short. While it’s possible, healing an entire team of marked characters at once is probably pretty tough for most people.

avoid cooperation and struggle Genshin ShockAzhdaha will give players more time with bosses and their mechanics. The first is proper damage mitigation through shielding, DPS control, mana refills, and healing for different teams. Even elemental reactions Genshin ShockTake greater control of Azdahar’s battles with just one player. Although Noel is usually on the mediocre floor, she can be a protector for the whole team, for example she can cycle to protect them from injury without having to worry about protecting three people. play the rest.

Double Azhdaha’s HP in Genshin Impact is a nightmare

Yuanshen Zhongli sits in a teahouse, looking at an illustration of a turquoise vase.

another reason to avoid Genshin ShockAzhdaha’s coordinated combat is a formidable multiplier when teamed up with other players. In solo mode, at level 90, the boss already has an impressive health of 876,747, which is multiplied by 1.75 when facing a full party of four players, as noted by Genshin Impact Fandom. This leads to a nightmarish battle against a monster with over 1.5 million health; Mathematically it has almost twice the HP.

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While this multiplier applies to other Transverse boss battles, such as the La Signora challenge Genshin Shockharder to object Genshin ShockAzhdaha fights cooperatively, because in this battle defense is just as important as attack. While players will work at high DPS, they will struggle to keep themselves alive and constantly protected, and conversely this is not ideal for fast weekly farm jobs. .

Most importantly, like any other Cross-Field Challenge, Genshin ShockIn Azhdaha battles in co-op, the attack power stat is also multiplied by 1.4 when facing a full group of four players. This brings 17,128 attack damage at level 90 to almost 24,000 attack damage. Players who struggle to protect themselves and even heal themselves will have trouble with this aspect of co-op combat, especially since Azdahar is a relentless heavy hitter.

Azhdaha working together against Genshin Impact relies on solid team competition

During the day, Yuanshen is in the town of Liyue Longshu.  Behind them were tall gray cliffs.

Another point is that even though there are unwritten rules Genshin ShockIn co-op, it’s not always guaranteed that players will make the right choices for the team, or even listen to suggestions or requests from team members. like this, Genshin ShockWithout the right team composition, Azhdaha’s combined combat abilities can quickly spiral out of control. In addition to the Elemental Mark mechanic, Underworld Realm bosses also gain considerable resistance during battle.

in the second stage Genshin ShockDuring the battle of Aridaha, the boss will receive 60% bonus RES of the infused elements. The second infused element in Phase 3 gets a 50% RES bonus, which can easily render DPS useless in coordinated combat. If Azhdaha injects Hydrogen into itself and one of the party members suffers Genshin ShockAyato’s DPS builds are heavily dependent on his abilities and elemental damage bursts, with much of the team’s potential wasted due to poor picks.

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Genshin ShockHowever, it is possible to stage coordinated battles in Azhdaha. In fact, having a solid team that takes damage mitigation and survivability into account, well balanced with the right elemental DPS, is easier to complete than single environments. However, given the considerable difficulty in finding the perfect team to tackle this particular Transfield challenge, it is more likely to be done alone, and Genshin Shock Players should stick with their team if they want more assurance of success.

Source: Yuanshin / YouTube, Fandom Yuanshin

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