Fast & Furious Is Still Missing A Huge Part Of Dominic Toretto’s Family

this Fast and furious The franchise is all about family, but one of Dominique Toretto’s family members is still missing: Dom’s mother. Over time, action movies have evolved to include larger settings, but each keeps the core theme of family. This originally revolved around the idea of ​​looking for a family rather than a biological or legal family member, as Dom and Brian O’Conner became brothers. When Brian and Mia Toretto got married, they became real family members, and Dom also married Letty Ortiz and had a child with Elena Neves to plant the Toretto family tree.

Dominic Toretto’s family expansion has grown in new directions, with recent events Fast and furious Preferential installment payment. F9 Finally, a flashback brings Dom’s father, Jack Toretto, into the picture. It also stars Jakob, Dom and Mia’s secret brother, who has never been mentioned in any movie before. Too fast and too dangerous: Spy racers on Netflix. fast x Ready to introduce more of Dom’s family, Rita Moreno will join Dom’s grandmother. Seeing Dom’s father, grandmother, siblings and cousins ​​means that a key member of the Toretto family is still missing.

Dom’s mother is never mentioned in the movie Fast and the Furious

The Surprising Part of the Dom . Family Fast and furious The movie is that Dom’s mother is never mentioned in the movie. Despite the various relatives appearing in the film and the numerous instances of Dom talking about the importance of family, Dominic Toretto’s mother was completely ignored. F9In the flashback after Jack’s death, Mrs. Toretto does not appear. She doesn’t appear in the game where Jack dies, nor does she comfort Dom, Mia, or Jacob after their father dies.

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Dom’s mother from Fast and furious The film has become one of the franchise’s looming mysteries. Movies have never been shy to show how Dom’s father’s death has affected him. Because Vin Diesel’s character attaches too much importance to his family, the fact that his mother died or abandoned them also made him extremely sad. Considering that Dom is raising the boy Brian, the mystery is even greater. fast x After Elena’s death, he may ask about his son’s feelings or questions about what happened to his mother.

The fast and furious finale meant Dom’s mother had to show up

Too Fast Too Dangerous 10 Dominique Mia Toretto

confirm Fast and furious franchise ends in fast and furious 11 Which means Dom’s mom is running out of time to be active. Now that the series is introducing more of his family members, the final installment of the series is the perfect place for Dom’s mother to show up. Vin Diesel even hinted at this possibility when he mentioned wanting to introduce Dom’s grandmother fast x Before solving the mystery of what happened to Dominic Toretto’s mother.

Bring in Mrs. Toretto Fast and furious The end of a franchise can happen in a number of different ways. She could easily appear in the main story, maybe after Dom lost someone fast x. If the franchise wants to explain that Dom’s mother disappeared in the previous films because she also died, her debut could be related to fast and furious 11 Time travel theory.this Fast and furious A movie that never featured Dom’s mother would be weird at this point, so the ending needs to ensure that the last chance to see her isn’t wasted.

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