Kit Harington Was Once Pressed For Game Of Thrones Spoilers By A Royal

Game of Thrones Star Kit Harington detailed the time he was pressured by members of the British royal family to ruin Jon Snow’s fate. Based on the popular fantasy novel by author George RR Martin, HBO’s Game of Thrones The show first premiered online in 2011 and ran for eight seasons before ending in 2019. Harington plays Snow, a Night’s Watch man who discovers that he is, in fact, human. rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

in a recent interview james corden’s late night showHarington recalls a time when Queen Consort Camilla tried to expose some Game of Thrones Spoiler in the lunch party. The events take place shortly after the season 5 finale, where Snow is apparently stabbed to death and Camilla is clearly dying to see if he survives. Check out Harington’s full recollection of the incident below or watch the interview clip (his commentary begins around 1:20):

“I was invited to the Royal Box at Wimbledon. They had lunch before and I just thought we’d go inside and have a buffet or something. We sat with Camilla and Kate Middleton’s parents, it was like a tall table.

“I don’t understand why we were there. It was off-season and I died on Game of Thrones. I sat next to Camilla and she said, ‘So, are you really dead?’ I said, ‘Well, there are things the royal family doesn’t even know. I realize I’m just here to reveal.”

What’s next for Jon Snow after Game of Thrones?

in a period of time, Game of Thrones was one of the biggest shows on television, receiving critical acclaim and boasting some impressive ratings (although much of it ended disappointingly). Due to the enormous cultural impact of the show, HBO has tried to expand the world with spin-offs in an understandable way. dragon houseA spinoff chronicling the Targaryen Civil War hundreds of years ago Game of Thronespremiered last summer, but Snow is also getting its own spin-off.

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Announced last June, a new show featuring Harington’s character is in early development with the title in the works. Snow. Although there are a few details about the announcement Game of Thrones spin-off, it is said to take place after the events of the finale, in which Snow leaves Westeros and travels north of the Wall to live with the nomads. It is said that it was Harrington, along with his own creative team, who brought the idea for this spinoff to Martin and HBO.

Some specifics have emerged since it was first announced last year, but it’s understandable that HBO has been cautious about what Game of Thrones Derivatives really evolved. In fact, as many as half a dozen subsidiaries have been developed at various times over the past few years, but so far, only dragon house managed to really bear fruit. Whether and when Harrington’s hero will return to TV screens remains to be seen, but the character’s ending is Game of Thrones Of course, the door is open for further adventures.

Source: The Late Show with James Corden

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