Devil In Ohio: Listen To An Amazing New Song From The Series [EXCLUSIVE]

rant screen For the exclusive premiere of Will Bates and Bishop Briggs’ new song in the upcoming Netflix limited series, devil ohiowill premiere on September 2nd. Emily Deschanel (favorite for her role in the feature film bone) in this suspenseful thriller based on host Daria Polarin’s 2017 novel of the same name, inspired by real-life events. She plays Suzanne Mathis, a Midwestern psychiatrist who adopts a woman named May (Madeleine Arthur, who first appeared on Netflix for her role in the movie). To all the boys I’ve loved Movie).

May, who seems to have escaped a terrifying cult, quickly settles into her temporary new home, especially her new mother character, Suzanne. The good doctor’s family, on the other hand, is a little hesitant about welcoming their new guest – especially as May starts trying to get closer to Suzanne, while the police start to uncover secrets. shows her importance in the cult. Clue. devil ohio There will be eight episodes, with John Fawcett, Brad Anderson, Leslie Hope and Steve Adelson directing.

rant screen Can exclusively perform a 3-minute song devil ohio, by composer Will Bates and artist Briggs Bishop. “Lessons of the Fire” is a haunting track whose lyrics reflect the mysterious and frenetic energy of the series. In fact, the lyrics are directly related to the show’s title and blend in perfectly with the suspenseful story of Mae and Dr. Mathis. Listen to “Lessons From Fire” below:

Award-winning composer Bates devil ohio In addition to collaborating with artists like Bishop Briggs, he co-wrote several songs for the series. His previous TV credits include writing for Starz sweet and bitterlead actress Ella Purnell; other Netflix miniseries amazingToni Collette plays the lead role; a fantasy series on SyFy magiciancoincidentally featured guest Madeleine Arthur; and series Shadow Watchersproduced by George RR Martin and starring Ian Macken.

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He has also scored for films like Michael Tyburski silent voicestarring Peter Sarsgaard and Rashida Jones and Michael Mohan people who like to see pictures related to sexstarring Sydney Sweeney.

Regarding his work with Bishop Briggs, Bates shared the following observations:

I was so excited when the producers told me I was going to make a major product with Bishop Briggs. She invited me to her concert and I was completely captivated by her incredibly powerful voice. I started sketching her, but after watching her perform, I realized how far I could push it.

I ran back to the set that night and threw the sink in it. Knowing that she would deliver a combination of decibels and exotic beauty was inspiring. And then somehow, she came up with the lyrics that perfectly embody the show.

Working with her was so much fun that we thought why not expand this piece and turn it into a full song.

Hear the Devil on the Ohio Soundtrack September 2

full music album devil ohio, which includes a score written by Will Bates, will be available to listen to the same day the film premieres on Netflix. In addition to the soundtrack, there are four notable new tracks:

• “The Lesson of Fire” – Bishop Briggs, Will Bates

• “The Water is Wide” – Fay Wolf

• “Salvation From the Dawn” – Will Bates (feat. Maiah Manser)

• “The Gift of the Rose” – Isabella Summers, Elise McQueen

In addition to the fiery duo Deschanel and Arthur, devil ohio Sam Jagger as Peter, Geraldo Celasco as Detective Lopez, Shalia Dotson as Jules Mathis, Alyssa Newton as Helen, Naomi Tan as Dani, Juliet Amara as Tatiana, Jason Sakaki as Isaac, Marcy T. House as Adele, Samantha Ferris as Rhoda, Bradley Stryker as Sheriff Wilkins, Evan Ellison as Sebastian, Tywood as Teddy, Stacey Farber as Gina, Tahermo Penikate as Marla Odd, Keenan Tracey as Noah.

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All episodes of Ohio Devil will be available on Netflix on September 2.

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