Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Makes Ash Wednesday His Holiday In New Post

evil deathBruce Campbell took to social media to wish everyone a happy Ash Wednesday. Campbell plays Ash Williams in the Sam Raimi-directed original trilogy as he battles the demon-possessed dead. Ash vs The Evil Dead Campbell is now technically retired after three seasons and the upcoming series evil death rises is expected to be the first film without his character.

Now, on Ash Wednesday, Bruce Campbell Happy holidays everyone on Twitter evil death rises In return, make this vacation his own character’s vacation. Check out his post below:

Campbell’s post brazenly admits evil death The protagonist is named after the Christian holiday that marks the first day of Lent and involves the practice of sprinkling ashes in the shape of a cross on the forehead.

What to Expect from Evil Dead Rising

Even though Campbell won’t be returning as Ash, the actor is still joining the cast evil death rises as an executive producer. The upcoming film, written and directed by Lee Cronin, tells a largely unrelated story. Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland play estranged sisters Beth and Allie, who reunite in a cramped Los Angeles apartment where Allie’s two sisters and three children encounter the deadly elements that rise, and was plunged into a primordial battle for survival. The horror film also stars Morgan Davis, Gabriel Echols and Nell Fisher in supporting roles.

evil death risesAt 96 minutes, the longest film in the history of the horror series. Although the upcoming movie may be different from evil death Franchising in many ways, its new cramped apartment environment hopes to recapture the claustrophobic feel of the original cabin. Cronin seems to have been a hit, with Raimi himself praising the film as “scaryOriginally intended for release on HBO Max, evil death rises In theaters April 21.

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source: Bruce Campbell/Twitter

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