Space Force: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Although there is only one season, new space force Thanks to iconic TV veterans of the past three decades, the show on Netflix has quickly gained a cult following.

The show features Lisa Kudrow, who crazy for youand her phoebe role in the movieFriendand Steve Carell, who got his breakthrough as the beloved Michael Scott office. It was John Malkovich who brought television to the big screen, and if you take Ben Schwartz from parks and recreationCombined, you’ll have a world full of references and potential easter eggs.

The show is filled with unverified references and political teases, so we deserve some good memes.

she said so

If you watched Space Force, chances are you watched it because you watched officeand you are very familiar with Steve Carell and Greg Daniels.

During this moment of public speaking, General Mark Naird said something that appeared to have purposely made fans in the office shout “That’s what she said!” from their couch.

Jim’s choice of expression is perfect because it comes from the scene where Jim seduces Michael by saying “that’s what she said” right after Michael was disciplined for sexual harassment. What did jim say “Wow, that’s really hard.” Thanks to Redwolf on Instagram for the meme.

Scranton Wizard Project

Here are some never-before-seen footage of Michael from The Scranton Witch Project.a show Blair Witch ProjectThe Scranton Wizarding Project is one of Michael’s many selfie videos, shown only briefly in the episode “The Merge”. Jim describes it as his intro video when he joined Dunder Mifflin. In the video, Michael links horror to breaking office rules: “I get scared when people don’t label their personal food.”

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This picture of General Ned is from space forceTossing in bed fits perfectly with the core group of selfies we could imagine seeing in a Michael G. Scott movie.

what about turntable

fan office Everyone completely believed in Michael’s ability. Although Michael is sometimes the most ridiculous guy in the room, his potential is often underestimated and overshadowed by his dramatic personality. The show showcases countless instances where Michael deserves support, from him using Chili’s song “Baby Back Ribs” to strike a deal, to him turning his back on the insolent, quit David Wallace. go with the sentence: “You don’t know how high I can fly.”

The jar Michael is holding in this photo contains gravel from the road outside Dunder Mifflin, where the unidentified Scranton Strangler was driven. Pictured him sharing with his grandchildren what he had to say when he gave the jar to them. It also reminds us of Michael’s lifelong dream – to have children. Although there is no “hundred children” space forcehe has a daughter to whom he would give almost anything.

It’s Phoebe Prison!

Does this meme need any explanation? “Prison Mike” is definitely one of Michael’s best jokes. Michael plays Prison Mike in his own eccentric way, lashing out at his staff for joking that prison is better than work.

We hope Lisa Kudrow doesn’t eat the “omelette porridge” in “The Clank,” and we certainly hope she doesn’t see any dementors. We still don’t know why her character is imprisoned, but… how likely is she to kidnap the president’s son and demand ransom?

Assistant Regional Manager

Adrian Mallory (played by John Malkovich) in space force General Mark Naird’s right-hand man and instructor. Like Dwight Schrute to Michael Scott. The main difference here is that Adrian Mallory is not as power-hungry as Dwight Schrute.

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Most of the time, Dwight needs to correct that his official job title is “Assistant Area Manager”, when in reality it is “Assistant Area Manager”. The latter sounds a lot like the title for a fictional assistant with no real authority, and Adrian readily accepts it.

peeping blindfolded

This meme is a great nostalgia that looks back at Steve Carell’s career and resonates with its visual similarities. But that’s only when you stop thinking there.

Digging deeper will break this meme. Photo of Steve Carell as Michael office In fact, from the scene where he stares at Ryan eerily, we all know that Michel thinks he’s the sexiest, hottest guy in the office.exist space forceHowever, General Naird looked out the window to relieve the stress of having to make big decisions.

Trump card

Those who don’t like Donald Trump think he’s capricious and impulsive, while those who like him think he’s shameless about his desires. Aren’t both views speculative about Michael Scott? No one can fully understand how Michael Scott’s brain works, and apparently, neither does he.

The meme encapsulates how little Donald Trump might have known about what the Space Force might entail, especially given all the dire consequences that would follow. But if we’re real, we all have to deal with that feeling. Only thing, the stakes are much lower.


It’s not uncommon to see rooms like this in TV shows and movies, where scientists gather to discuss. A setup like this amplifies the emotional tone of a scene by using collective enthusiasm to build intensity. When the room is filled with people celebrating a successful space landing, you can’t help but feel elated, even if it’s the 100th.

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So when you watch draft 49 with your brain scientist, your heart will be filled with pride and you will have a big smile from the bottom of your heart.

welcome back face jerk

Does Michael Scott’s arch-nemesis in HR, Toby Flenderson, have anything to do with Ben Schwartz’s character in the film? space force Called F*** Tony? we do not know. But what we do know is that Michael would rather make the series himself than watch any of the episodes that Toby wrote.

Today, Paul Lieberstein (Toby in office), wrote an episode “Space Force,” and Michael Scott made the film “Midnight Threat Level.” This meme revisits one of Michael Scott’s most iconic meme moments, the sudden return of Toby.

midnight threat level

space force Donald Trump has never been directly recognized as the President of the United States of America. So we can pretend that it’s really President Jackson from Michael Scott’s “Midnight Threat Level” movie.

exist office Universe, Midnight Threat Level stars Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson) as President Jackson. Fans who want to stay in that universe might imagine General Naird as secret agent Michael Scarn. One thing they had to remember, however, was that President Jackson turned out to be a villain!

Looks like the fifth aisle will be cleaned up.

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