Malik Yoba’s 5 Best Movies & TV Shows, According To IMDb

Malik Yoba is known for many film and television roles, including FBI Deputy Director Jason Atwood The designated survivor. In a career spanning nearly 30 years, he has appeared in 32 films and 35 television series. He is also a part-time singer and has several singles on his record.

Malik is also a community activist. Since 1986, he has been a member of various community organizations in New York City. He is currently the Vice President of CityKids Foundation. So it’s no surprise that most of his roles are legal and criminal in nature. Here are his best movies and TV shows, according to IMDb.

Movie: Cool Run (7.0)

obstacle Based on the story of the Jamaica National Luge Team. Although underrated, they excelled at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This is Malik Yoba’s first major film or TV show. He plays a Jamaican athlete named Yui Brenner.

The film was a huge financial success, grossing $154,856,263 worldwide. Although the characters in the film are fictitious, the events are mostly real. Critics also praised the performance of all the actors in the film as well as the story. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 76% rating.

Drama: Good Wife (8.3)

exist good wife and motherIn, Malik plays Eddie Froome, who is convicted of murdering two girls in 1999. Malik is sentenced to death but things don’t go as planned.

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The medical team that administered the injection were having trouble finding a vein, so his legal team stopped giving the injection, arguing that what happened to him was clearly a violation of the First Amendment. eight. They were able to stop the execution, and while he waited for his next appointment, they attempted to free him.

Movie: They Are Just My Friend (7.6)

exist they are just my friends, Pat is a heavyweight boxing champion who becomes close to a group of Italian-American gangsters after the death of his father, Pat Sr. (Malik Yorba). He soon finds himself in danger when he begins dating a white neighbor girl named Gina.

After clashing with a racist gang that is opposing his relationship, Pat finds himself in jail. When he finally got out, Pat vowed to be more disciplined. He spends more time on his career and paying attention to the people who befriend him, but things are not as easy for him as he imagined.

TV show: People of interest (8.4)

malik as Andre Wilcox in the movie related characters. Andre is the owner of a comic book store called Noble Comics. He also lives a double life as the leader of the gang responsible for many murders.

Andre and his gang have a habit of imposing security fees on local stores. He is bloodthirsty, even if his subordinates make a small mistake, he will not hesitate to kill them. After committing hundreds of crimes with impunity, Andre was eventually arrested and jailed.

Movie: Secret in New York (7.8)

New York Secret Service Agents Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo

This is definitely one of the actor’s most beloved roles. Malik Yoba returns as the tough and ruthless detective. Julius Clarence “JC” Williams: JC in the TV series based on the FOX television series of the same name.

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JC was a detective for Area 4 before being transferred to the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) Special Investigations Division. Back in 2018, the legendary presenter revealed plans to reboot the series and movies. However, ABC chose not to accept the program.

TV show: Justice by all means (8.4)

Do whatever it takes to get justice is a true crime show on TV One that uses fictional characters to re-enact untold crime stories that took place many years ago. Malik Yoba appears as himself and he is also the narrator of the show.

Part of the show’s agenda is also to bring justice to crime victims when criminals run away. TV show judge Faith Jenkins (Faith Jenkins) also narrated some episodes. Faith also teaches viewers what they can do to help victims of injustice.

Movie Vote For You (8.1)

vote for me The film revolves around an old Puerto Rican man named Leo Rodriguez (Ricardo Barber). Desperate to change his neighborhood and drive out drug dealers, Leo quit his job as a construction supervisor and decided to enter politics without the money to campaign. The only thing he has is a homemade logo.

People ignored him at first, but he quickly became a real contender when he got his hands on his guitar and started singing and dancing for the voters. Malik Yoba plays an educated man known simply as the Professor.

TV show: Designated Survivor (8.5)

Maggie Q as Hannah Wells

FBI Deputy Director Jason Atwood (Malik Yoba) is one of the main characters of the first season The designated survivor. Atwood joins Hannah Wells (Maggie Q) as they investigate the bombing of the Capitol that killed the president and members of his cabinet.

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However, he is forced to slow down after his son Luke is kidnapped. In order for Luke to be released, Atwood is forced to confess to a murder he did not commit. As a result, he pleaded guilty, he was fired and sent to prison. After being released from prison, he continued to assist Hannah with the investigation.

Movie: Black and White Dreams (8.2)

exist black and white dream, Malik Yoba plays Chris Jones, a black man lost on a deserted highway. When he spotted a diner, he decided to go in and ask for help.

Once inside, he finds himself surrounded by angry racists. He also discovered that the authorities in the region had no authority over the citizens giving orders. So Jones frantically tries to escape before he dies. Things become even more difficult when a woman tries to save him unsuccessfully.

TV show: Development is caught (8.7)

Blueprint in development caught

exist Development caught, Malik plays Ice, a bounty hunter and professional caterer. He was hired by the GOB to track down Michael in season two. Everyone suspected that Michael had escaped from Bruce’s company because of financial difficulties. When Ace catches him, Michael pays him to track down his father.

But it seems like everyone wants a piece of ice. Lindsay, attracted to Ice, tries to get him interested in her, but he just focuses on his job. Frustrated, she begins to jeopardize efforts to find the man he was sent to find.

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