Everything We Know About Brightburn 2

this is all we know blebburn 2 hitherto. Produced by James Gunn, directed by David Jarowski (hive), burn bright is an unofficial reimagining of Superman that raises the question: What if Iron Man had taken a dark and violent path as a child? Initially, the film follows the same rhythm as the classic Superman origin story, about an alien boy named Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) who grows up in a small town of Kansas and discovers that he has super capacity. However, unlike Clark Kent/Kal-El, Brandon believes his powers make him superior to humans and uses them to murder his adoptive family before venting his bloodlust on the others. .

Most, burn bright As an indie film, there’s very little clear-cut setting for a sequel. However, when the credits started rolling out, it became clear that Gunn, Jarowski, screenwriter Brian and Mark Gunn (James’ brother and cousin) had bigger plans in mind than a “whatever” movie. what if” happens once? about an evil Superman (or Superman, depending on how you see it). The question is, what will? blebburn 2 About? After all, most of the main characters died at the end of the first film, and the credits (appropriately) played Billie Ellish’s “Bad Guy”.

It turns out that burn bright A credits scene is included, providing some strong hints about the plot of the sequel and other villainous versions of popular DC superheroes that may appear in the film. So we’ll recap everything we know blebburn 2 The Stinger has provided details so far, including the original movie and the possibility of a sequel first.

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Brightburn builds villain Justice League for sequel

burn bright A post-credits scene showing news footage of Brandon (now named Brightburn after his hometown) ravaging cutscenes from a YouTube conspiracy show starring the character Alex Jones -esque The Big T (Frequent Contributor of James Gunn, Michael Rooker). As Big T explains, Brightburn isn’t the only superman on Earth. Instead, according to multiple reports, there are similar superhuman serial killers out there, including a half-sea creature, a famous half-human monster that specializes in sinking ships, and an witch. The sailor strangled people with ropes to force them to tell the truth. yes, evil versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman also exist in burn bright universe.

This is an obvious setting blebburn 2 Starring the villainous Justice League, has completed its own iteration of DC’s Trinity and related superheroes (someone like Cyborg is just begging for a horror makeover of the mythical body) This). There are several directions the sequel could go from there, including the story of Brightburn and his colleagues clashing with each other as they try to devise a plan for world domination. Another possibility is in the 2017 reversal Alliance justice In the film, Brabburn and the super criminals must team up when a powerful hero appears and threatens to wipe them all out. No matter how you cut it, “United the League” takes on a whole new meaning in the sequel.

Brightburn 2 has not been officially released yet

Jackson Dunne wearing a Brightburn mask

Currently, Sony and Screen Gems have not confirmed any progress yet blebburn 2The first film grossed $17.3 million worldwide in its first weekend, so it’s well on its way to completing an estimated $6-12 million budget (assuming it hasn’t already). . Meanwhile, the reaction from critics as well as the general audience has been mixed, so next week might be easier to tell if word of mouth is coming. one of two ways, burn bright It didn’t start off as a huge hit and it could be a while before Sony announces their plans for a sequel… assuming they decide to do one, of course.

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one of the elements of work blebburn 2The favored person is Sony itself. The studio will bring back its biggest franchises, including the horror franchise, over the next two years. angry. They are also trying to launch new movies with upcoming movies like Blumhouse’s mythical land Thriller reboot, and sequels ready for this year’s low-budget thriller, escape roomApril 2020. blebburn 2 With a super-villain flavor, it could be a free entry into Sony’s future horror lineup. However, if it DO given the green light, will not be able to enjoy a quick turnaround (a la escape room 2).

When is Brightburn’s release date?

James Gunn on the set of Brightburn

hard to say when blebburn 2 Can be filtered. James Gunn is currently in pre-production suicide squad and plan to start filming Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Right after 2020. It won’t give him much time to rest between comic book adaptations, shifting his focus to burn bright A sequel, or even just a creative producer and consultant. Again, since burn bright With the world established, Gunn was able to get his hands on more of the film, allowing his family and Jarowitzki to decipher the story in their own time with less input.

Either way, it’s safe to assume that blebburn 2 It won’t be released in 2020. Aside from Jason Reitman’s movie, Sony has more horror movies coming out next year. ghost catcher, live vampire mobiusAnd venom 2 (They all have more than a little horror to them). This doesn’t work for burn bright The sequel, even if Yarovesky and his writers could be ready in the next 12 to 18 months. In any case, the sequel will likely be in the making for longer than the previous one (again, take a look at the full set of villain Justice League), so the 2021-2022 release date looks like it should be. a more realistic best scenario.

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