Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC Can Bring Back Elden Ring’s Hardest Boss

With the recently announced DLC expansion Elden’s ringThere are now plenty of opportunities for the most difficult boss in the base game to return in some form. Erde tree shadowannounced more than a year later Elden’s ringThe initial version of the game contained only promotional images and titles, revealing some details about the content of the DLC. However, based on what is known about the base game and what is shown in the DLC promo image, there is an aspect Elden’s ringThe legend goes like this Erde tree shadow Looks perfectly fine down to the details.

although it can Elden’s ring DLC is not seriously questioned, especially given FromSoftware’s long history of creating DLC ​​for previous games, Notice stated Erde tree shadow DLC is in the works and fans of the game have been waiting a long time. Previously highly anticipated events like The Game Awards or a game year celebration three days before release, Erde tree shadowRevealing the mystery finally confirmed the truth about Elden’s ring it’s not over yet. What’s particularly interesting about the game’s reveal art, however, is that the lone character rides on what looks like a torrent – which can also mark Eldon’s RingThe most difficult and notorious boss.

Malenia may return in Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

With picture Erde tree shadow Much like how Empyrean Miquella was portrayed in the game, the DLC could also bring back his sister, Malenia, in some form. Miquella is a mystery even by FromSoftware’s standards Elden’s ring DLC has been heavily speculated, in quite a large amount Elden’s ringFootage of him or Malenia. Because the two are closely linked Elden’s ringLegend, even on the outside, with the ability to focus on Miquela Erde tree shadow Could also show a return of Malenia – although Malenia’s return does not have to be in the form of a boss fight.

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The legend of Miquella and Malenia are inseparable in the Elden Ring

Malenia and Miquella from the Elden Ring in a split image with Malenia on the left and Miquella on the right.

Miquella and Malenia are not just twins Elden’s ring Legends, like any other demigod, are siblings – their lore is almost inseparable, with the twins’ stories and motivations tied together. Except for Malenia’s mascot position Elden’s ring, she is also Miquella’s Sword (which she desperately wants to remind players of), and raising her brother to the throne of Lord Elden is key to her motivation in the game’s lore. Likewise, many of Miquela’s goals revolve around curing her sister’s Crimson Rot, and Millicent and Miquela’s Needle’s quest reveals the twins’ relationship.

Also, while clips should be taken with a pinch of salt, FromSoftware tends to reuse clips for future DLC or games, which means that the missions and dialogue are trimmed down. Miquella and Malenia were delightful. Like so much dark soul Cut reused content Elden’s ringMiquella and Malenia have cut dialogue, quests, and maybe even the entire ending ready to play in Erde tree shadow, especially as Miquella’s cut mission plan reveals the mysterious Saint Trina as his alternate self. While the details of what was cut from Malenia are a bit vague, it could also indicate a mission was planned.

Elden Ring: Shadow of Erdtree could be built on the legend of Malenia

In the cutscene that takes place before the Elden Ring boss battle, Malenia puts on her helmet.

Malenia’s participation Erde tree shadow, however, this poses a problem since she has the potential to be killed by players in the base game. Luckily, if she’s going to show up again, Elden’s ring More than enough to account for her probable failure. After all, death isn’t the end of The Lands Between, and its inhabitants return to Erdtree for rebirth – but Malenia in particular has a legendary reason to survive her defeat, with one number Elden’s ring Regarding the theory that Malenia became a god after death. Moreover, Malenia not only has enough reason to come back, but not necessarily to return to be the hostess.

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it might be weird to think about it Elden’s ringThe most notoriously difficult boss returns as an NPC, but beyond FromSoftware’s wish to avoid a repeat of the fights, Malenia’s deleted dialogue also sets a strange precedent for potential customers power. In it, she refers to the player characters in familiar terms, calling them “sweet” And”Dearest partner. “Not much is known about how her involvement differs in previous versions of the game, but her in-game pre-battle dialogue archetype Elden’s ring The trailer suggests that the player may encounter Malenia before battling her, and some speculate that she was the focal point of the first version of Millicent’s quest line.

EQUAL Erde tree shadow Seeming to be looking at some unresolved plot threads involving Miquella in the base game, Malenia’s involvement also seems like a safe bet. The twins’ story is tightly intertwined in both the game’s launch version and the cut content – and given FromSoftware’s tendency to recycle unused ideas, it’s likely that some aspects have been lost. removed from the original will be repeated in the DLC. this way or another, Elden’s ringlong awaited Shadow of the tree Erde There could still be many surprises when the final DLC is released.

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