Plants vs. Plants Zombies MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Suns/God mode/Onehit) 3.3.2

Plants vs Plants Zombies MOD APK Info

mod menu

  • recharge now
  • endless sun
  • everlasting
  • a strike
  • the fire is raging
  • all zombies out
  • angry chomper
  • Unlock them all (gold, fertilizer, chocolate, sprays)

Plants vs. Plants Zombies FREE is a battle between gentle plants and ferocious monsters. They were trying to get into the house through the front garden. Players need to plant trees and fight to eliminate all approaching zombies. Compared to PvZ 2, Plants vs. Zombies is simpler, because the game is light, so it is compatible with weak configuration machines. Each tree has its own attack power, you should arrange the defensive formation to be most effective. After each battle, the zombies always find new ways to achieve their intentions. Download Plants vs Zombies MOD and get ready to fight and let the monsters fall.

The characteristics of the trees are mild, easy to see some familiar plants such as sunflowers, legumes, cherry bombs… but because the house is facing a lot of ferocious monsters. They have evil intentions and eat everything on their way. Stop those abominations and don’t let the zombies enter the house. Master the combat weapons born of nature. Fortify your army and stand in front of the house to form a solid defense. Show the monsters that they can’t break through this impregnable fortress.

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There are 26 types of monsters in total, and they are essentially half-human and half-demon zombies. The front of the house is the main route they choose to enter the house. Initially, they only came during the day, but after many failed attempts, the monsters changed their plans. They strike at night or when the weather is foggy. Many new types of monsters appear but you are still difficult to observe. Clouds can block your view, so sometimes they get close to the door before you know it. Therefore, you should have a backup weapon that can attack quickly.

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Zombies are everywhere

Not only in the garden, the monsters will also choose many other locations such as swimming pools, terraces… Each location has a different terrain and arranges battle trees to suit the area of ​​each location. There are many new monsters appearing, they can even fly, so it is difficult to control. To face 26 types of monsters, you always need a complete weapon system. Collect the strongest plants to help you overcome all the tricks of the zombies.

Plants vs Zombies Mod Download

plant species

Plants in Plants vs Zombies are not for care and watering. Like brave warriors ready for battle, you can use each tree where you want. Use them effectively to limit meaningless sacrifices. Both deserve respect for their guts, no common tree.

Learn more about monsters and plants

If you want to know more about monsters, please open the almanac to find out. Monsters strategize more accurately when you know the entire tree. 49 powerful trees, each works best under normal operation. Take a few minutes to learn, the fight against zombies in Plants vs Zombies will become a lot easier for you.

Plants vs Zombies mod apk

Plants vs. Zombies has a mini-game system and trophies for you to collect to complete your achievements. It’s really a constant battle and players need to stay up all night. They always try to attack when you are not looking. Download Plants vs Zombies MOD and use plants in the right place for each warrior to maximize their effectiveness.

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