Lee Min-ki And Han Ji-hyun Are Said To Be The Main Lead Actor In “Look At Me”

Lee Min-ki and Han Ji-Hyun have secured their roles in Look At Me, a new medical mystery drama. WAVVE revealed all information about the upcoming film and the main cast in an official statement on February 22. Look At Me is scheduled to begin filming in March and will be released. in the second half of 2023.

Look At Me will follow a plastic surgeon whose image is affected by an unforeseen event. He started helping crime victims to restore his reputation. An important part of the show will also expose the truth about the Korean plastic surgery business. The show will be directed by Ahn Sang-hoon, who previously directed Blind (2011) and Kingdom of Lust (2015). Meanwhile, Hwang Ye-jin of Hidden Mother (2018) will write the script.

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Lee Min-ki and Han Ji-Hyun have been cast as the leads in the upcoming K-drama Look at Me.

Lee Min-ki will play Cha Jung-woo, one of the best doctors in the country, who improves the appearance of patients with his impeccable skill. Look At Me is his second final project for 2023 (as of the time of this writing); will also appear in Behind Your Contact with EXO’s Suha and Han Ji-min. The performer is also known for his skill and edgy performance on screen. My Freedom Notes (2022), Because This Is My First Life (2017), The Beauty Inside (2018) and other dramas by Lee Min-ki are among his best.

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Han Ji-hyun will play the role of Lee Min-hyun, a top investigator in the violent crime unit known for his hot temper and concern for others. The actress is known for three films The Penthouse: Conflict in Life (2020-2021), What a Beautiful World (2019) and Cheer Up (2019). No other information about the rest of the team roster has been released. With filming about to begin, fans can expect WAVVE to share more details on its release date, streaming plans, and trailers.

Lee Min Ki

West World Story, the studio behind Tracer (2022) and Strangers Again, will produce Look At Me (2023). West World will provide special visual effects and plastic surgery scenes for the show, using the same technology used in We’re All Dead (2022), Dear Home (2020-) and The Silent Sea (2021). Viewers are excited to see the strange combination of Lee Min-ki and Han Ji-hyun deliver an interesting story on screen and can’t wait for the drama to come out soon.

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