Every Trans Character In Marvel (& How Likely They Are To Join The MCU)

Overall, Marvel, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has provided a wide variety of characters from the LGBTQ+ community. In the MCU, Marvel has introduced Phastos, America Chavez, and Loki, but they have yet to bring any of Marvel’s transgender characters to the big screen.

Since the comic has covered all branches of the LGBTQ+ community, so has the movie. Especially since there are some transgender characters in it. For this list, only characters that are explicitly listed as transgender will appear, so gender-changing characters like Mystique will not be counted.

rothstein sisters

These are not only two representatives of the Weinstein Brothers but also castrated and as a result they became transgender. That’s not a good thing for transgender people, especially because it’s bad for the community.

Transgender people have suffered enough stigma thanks to movies like this Mental And dressed to kill. this only adds to the stigma, as the Rothstein sisters are dirty and disgusting sisters who do nothing but tarnish an already bad Spider-Man story.

Leonora Engel

Leonara Eng uses her powers in The New Mutants #20

Leonara, the newest version of The New Mutants, is available as a cameo or a supporting character in the background, but she probably won’t be the main character. Especially from new mutant It has failed so badly and so financially that it probably won’t restart any time soon.

She is a very shy character, and as such, she seems rude, but that was not her intention. Author new mutant Run herself claims Leonara is transgender.


Tong appears as a girl with her brothers in Marvel Comics

This young moloid is another interpretation of the transgender woman. Tong and the other Moloids are technically genderless, but she rediscovered herself after Ben Grimm AKA The Thing rescued Tong and her siblings. After wearing the little pink dress, she was sure that she was indeed a girl.

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Her siblings welcomed her with open arms, creating a sweet story about a young transgender girl. Can this story be used in the MCU? Maybe because after a story like this, anything can happen at this point Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverse And stone But maybe not for long.


Jake Young's split image in and out of the Trace armor in Avengers Solo #4

Jake Young is a young Superman who needs money so he volunteers for a project. Ever since he’s been on hormone replacement therapy, the super soldier formula has given him flaming powers. As interesting as the character sounds, he barely appears in the comics.

Currently, Jake Young has appeared in a total of five comic books, including his debut in 2011. This might make for an interesting character in the movie, but he’s too anonymous. , like Tong, that’s unlikely.

jesse drake

Jesse Drake and Black Cat leave Marvel Comics Blast

Jesse Drake, the first openly transgender Marvel character, is revealed to be transgender after being saved by Typhoid Mary. She is under her wings, but also under the auspices of Spider-Man’s old black cat. Jesse also has the ability to unconsciously mimic the physical features of those around him.

However, her transgender nature is not the result of her superpowers. She voluntarily became a transgender woman and enjoyed the company of other women, which further accentuated her femininity. Jesse is another character who disappeared after just a few issues, making her MCU debut highly unlikely.


Justine AKA Brilliance introduces herself to Wasp in The Unstoppable Wasp #10

There are only a few hints in the comics, but the Wasp villain known as Brilliance has been identified as transgender by the author. As an AIM agent, she fought against wasps and robins before discovering her mistake.

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At this point, a simple yet effective character like Brilliance could easily be included in the MCU. She could be the villain in the future Ant-Man and the Wasp sequel or young avengers.

hydra queen

Queen Hydra pours herself another drink in Captain America #15

The only reason that Hydra Queen might not be used in the MCU is that both the movie and the show appear to be made with Hydra in mind. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll never come back. The Hydra Queen could make another leader for Hydra, let’s see how she would be a terrifying villain for Captain America.

The Queen and a group of soldiers are lost in the void. It is said that all soldiers were male when they got lost, and that the Queen “discovered who she was” when stuck somewhere. It has never been directly confirmed that she is transgender, only implicitly.

Tour guide

Gambit flirts with Jacob Gavin Jr.  AKA Courier in Gambit #24

Normally, a shapeshifter wouldn’t be considered transgender, but Courier can make a case. Jacob Gavin Jr. is a shapeshifting mutant who has lost the ability to shapeshift in her female form due to an incident with Gambit. As a result, Courier will always be a woman.

Jacob gradually gets used to his new form, even being attracted to Gambit. So while this isn’t the same as being transgender, it’s still a man becoming a woman both physically and emotionally. With the introduction of the X-Men into the MCU, any mutant could be introduced, including Courier.

Koi fish

Koi Boi talking to a fish in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl manga

In the silly but very funny world of Squirrel Girl, there is a young superhero Ken Shiga named Koi Boi. He’s an underwater superhero who happens to be a fan of the anti-hero Namor (Namor The Sub-Mariner). It has never been explicitly stated, but the creator has confirmed that he is indeed transgender.

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Superman rarely appears in comics, so Koi Boi provides a great avatar that even most conventional forms of media fail to provide. Rumor has it that Namor will be introduced in the future, so Koi Boi isn’t completely out of control.


Sera uses her powers in Marvel comics

Sera was born as a hermit, a race of wingless male angels. However, Sera befriends Angela, an Asgardian warrior, which leads to Sera being able to transform herself into the woman she wants to be. The two even got married, creating not only an openly transgender superhero but also a lesbian.

The MCU has been very open to embracing the women of Thor mythology, with Valkyrie becoming the new ruler of Asgard, and now Jane Foster has been revealed as the mighty Thor. It is not easy to believe that Angela and Sera can be introduced in the future.

Charlene McGowan

Charlene McGowan holding a cup of Captain America in the comic book Immortal Giants

Charlene is a scientist and ally of Hulk and other heroes related to Gamma. She’s a little new, but she officially came out as a transgender woman in 2020. Not much is known about her transgender origins, but it was a surprise.

With Disney now fully able to capitalize on Hulk’s assets, Charlene could be brought in she is heavy or plan world war hulk Movie.

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