Scarlet Witch’s Son Is More Powerful Than Dormammu, Marvel Confirms

Warning: Contains spoilers Final Destruction: Wiccan and Hulkling #1!

While the Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, capable of bending reality, her son The Wickon (aka Billy Kaplan) is even stronger, and Marvel Just confirmed that his powers even overwhelm Dormammu, the tyrannical ruler of the Dark Dimension and the arch-enemy of Doctor Strange. Born to his twin brother Speed, Billy’s soul was later replaced when Wanda appeared forced to admit that her child wasn’t real, and that he was raised by Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan, after joining. His mysterious lineage was only discovered after Young The Avenger.

As the son of witches and synthetic animals, Billy Kaplan has always been strong, but young avengers – from writer Kieron Gillen and lead artist Jamie Mckelvie – reveals that Wiccan is actually a Demiurge, a force of life and magic who, when he comes of age, will redefine the rules of magic and become omnipotent. This is the level of strength that Billy was once afraid to touch, and now Final Destruction: Wiccan and Hulkling #1 – From Anthony Oliveira and Jan Bazaldua – Dormammu just reminded fans that even though Billy looks like a regular guy, he’s anything but.

In the comics once, Wiccan confronts Dormammu as part of the galactic resistance tyrant’s “Final Annihilation” surprise attack – a wave of unconsciousness that villains use to protect important planets. and create a lasting link between the Dark Dimension and the main Marvel reality. While Billy initially thought that the villain there was trying to lure him into a deal, Dormammu scoffed at the idea that he could offer anything to the almighty Creator. Dormammu is undeniably powerful, but as he frankly admits, the Creator is limited only by Billy’s perception of himself as a human being. Dormammu used magic with incredible skill, but Demiurge defined it.

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The problem is, Billy has determined that the Creator has too much power for him to use. Although he rarely visits it, he usually only does so with you or husband Hulkling to anchor him.exist young avengers, he acknowledges his responsibility in using his power to make the world a better place, but he has no experience in using it wisely. Billy has been training ever since, but he still hasn’t reached the point where the release of his true nature doesn’t threaten all reality. Unfortunately, Dormammy threatens to “Step on a dead egg before the snake hatches,” He was torn between dying like a man or rampaging like a god.

The Power of Demiurge Billy Wiccan, Son of Scarlet Witch

In the end, Billy survived because of his humanity. His paranoid past made him see that Dormammu just wanted him to believe that he was doomed no matter what, so he chose the third option, re-forging the anti-magic sword. Excelsior and wields his Kree wedding ring with the Location Switch Hulkling, the latter wielding a sword associated with Dormammu’s faction. It’s a clever game — one of the few in recent memory that makes clever use of Kree technology’s unique teleportation abilities — but it’s also a time to see Billy take on the ultimate role of the Kree. I am the Creator. He agrees with Dormammu that unleashing his full power is still unconscionable, but he won’t hate himself for being lied to because his potential is so great.

Billy continues the popular Marvel Comics theme that magic users need to be careful not to get overwhelmed by their powers, but unlike the others, his condition is not permanent. . One day, the son of Scarlet Witch will have enough experience to take on the role of Creator, and Final Destruction: Wiccan and Hulkling #1 Proving that when he does, a lowly demon like Dormammu better watch out.

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