Tomb Raider: 10 Lara Croft Cosplay That Are Too Good

Lara Croft is one of the most recognizable gaming characters in the world since the 90s, grave thief The series has made her an icon of pop culture zeitgeist. Her circumnavigation of the world spans more than a dozen games, and each game allows fans to push Lara on dangerous new quests, helping her solve puzzles and find mysterious artifacts in the dark. fascinating cultures.

Croft’s appeal to the game continues, as her fearless spirit, brave personality, and unique gameplay make fans feel like they’re joining in on her adventures. Some passionate members grave thief The community even took their passion a step further by bringing cosplay together become She, is the embodiment of the true Tomb Raider spirit.

cunning avoidance

grave thief Introducing a new origin story and new adventures to young Lara Croft, transforming the series for a new generation of gamers. grave thief In the game, Lara is already a confident archaeologist, but in the reboot she turns into a scared teenager who must demonstrate her talent through extreme survival tactics.

“Cunning Dodge” (pictured by Beethy) evokes the immense emotion the story has caused Laura, and how she must rely on her own will and courage to survive, as well as her bow and arrow skills her (one of the many skills she develops) in the game).

jen croft

JennCroft's Lara Croft Cosplay in Rise of the Tomb Raider on Deviantart

Since 2013, the latest game in the series has introduced a new fanbase to the Tomb Raider franchise, as well as a reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. grave thief kick it away, Rise of the Tomb Raider As Lara honed her offensive abilities, her excitement continued.

JennCroft (photo by JwaiDesign) perfectly embodies Lara’s unyielding spirit and precise marksmanship in this exquisitely crafted cosplay, as he wields a modified rewind bow with maximum attention to detail. The action poses combined with the snowflakes give this shot an extremely lifelike execution. During the game’s launch, JennCroft was even part of the official Tomb Raider cosplay ambassador program!

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Lara Croft (Ashe) Cosplay

While the average person might think that Lara Croft cosplay is easy to do, its simplicity can be deceiving. As anyone who’s ever worn a Croft thigh holster will explain, success doesn’t just come down to precise dress details, but also attitude and personality.

The Ash cosplay (Image: Tess Yaney) brings together Lara’s fierce independence and brave spirit, and pairs them with Lara’s classic costumes from the first four games. grave thief series. She seems to be at home in the dusty wilderness (presumably waiting to get past the T-Rex), confident she can defeat any enemy that comes in her sights.


Lara Croft gender cosplay of LegendOfUnderworld on Deviantart

Like the best game franchise, grave thief With something for everyone, Lara Croft’s Adventures has inspired fans from all walks of life. Her courage, determination and athleticism make her an incredible role model, while her stylish outfits and exciting lifestyle make her coveted.

Italian cosplayer Legend of the Underworld has proven that anyone can transform themselves into Lara Croft with the right look. In this action pose, he recreates her overall appearance grave thief The reboot series, which includes her climbing ax and pendant from the third game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Nova amber

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Amber Nova Cosplay

Laura has lived an adventurous lifestyle since childhood, exploring exotic locations, performing daring feats to survive against countless dangers and always maintaining an enviable beauty. No wonder cosplayers want to imitate her by spending every day outdoors.

Nova amber It looked like Laura was about to step into a tomb in the Cambodian jungle, alert for hidden traps or lurking predators. She looks both powerful and attractive, one of Laura’s original hallmarks.

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Athora-X's Classic Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cosplay on Deviantart

When grave thief Originally released in 1995, this game immediately became a craze in the gaming world thanks to its iconic hero character and innovative grid-based levels inspired by the graves. real in ancient Egypt. Like a cross between popular fictional characters Tank Girl and Indiana Jones, she’s an archaeologist who knows how to take care of herself.

Athora-x (pictured by Darren Rowley) looks amazing and athletic as an adventurer trotting around the world, and her classic original outfit consists of a teal blue top and colored shorts. brown, gold buckle belt and thigh holster. To complete the look, she left nothing out, from Laura’s fingerless gloves and backpack to her distinctive round gold-rimmed sunglasses.


MER and AlexCroftRus' Lara Croft Movie Cosplay Tomb Raider

For some fans, the only movie that matters is Lara Croft: Tomb Robbers Starring Angelina Jolie, who remains one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Known as the witty, stylish and edgy Laura, it’s hard for anyone to imitate her.

Photographer Alex Croft Rus found the perfect subject in his sister, who happens to look a lot like Jolie. What stands out about this costume is not only her exact resemblance to her but also her haughty and sinister attitude, a great combination for Mrs. Croft.

Alexander Munster

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cradle of Life cosplay designed by Alexander Monster

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – Cradle of Life Angelina Jolie’s adventures as Lara Croft continue, this time with an exciting trip to China. Croft’s wardrobe expands throughout the movie, just like in the game, and she spends the day in Shanghai in this gorgeous outfit.

AlexanderMonster found the perfect gold silk jacket with tiger and dragon detailing and paired it with the brown pants and brown thigh-high holster she wore in the movie. It’s not an ensemble that fans usually see in movies, and he recreated it to exacting standards.

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mage knight

Lara Croft Tomb Raider cosplay designed by Knightmage

Lara must be ready for anything, from raiding the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs and the jungles of Peru to discovering the mysterious Avalon. Her quests put her in some precarious situations, but her knowledge of ancient cultures, firearms and gun training, as well as her incredible athleticism prepared her for whatever comes her way.

Though best known for playing roles like Spawn and Moon Knight, Knight-Mage looks ready to tackle the next puzzle or boss fight in this classic Lara Croft suit. Known for his ability to create different looks from readily available materials, the secret to his technique lies in the fact that the costumes are sprayed with air to give them vivid textures.

DJ Croft

DJ Croft as Lara Croft

Most cosplayers grew up playing grave thief The game, whether it’s the ’90s or the second half of the ’00s. As a character, Laura has become an indelible part of their upbringing, and even inspired them. as a human being.

DJ Croft’s love of travel and adventure comes directly from Laura’s adventures, whether or not that portrays her as an early survivor like in the movies. grave robber, Or a full-fledged adventurer like in the original game who captures the essence that makes her so special to countless fans.

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