Every Role Karl Urban Played In Xena & Hercules (Including Cupid)

every character here Xena: Warrior Princess And Hercules: Legendary Journey Long before Karl Urban made his debut as Billy Butcher in Homelander, he was fighting heroes. boys. Urban’s many roles in this millennium have ranked him directly as a hero, most notably in interstellar travel restart. In the fantasy series of the late 90s Hercules And Xena: Warrior PrincessHowever, Urban is a veritable chameleon of villains and troublemakers, playing roles from Julius Caesar to Cupid. All told, the star played four different characters in Xenaverse before the franchise ended.

Cities first appeared in Xenaverse in 1996 XWP He played the villain Mael in the episode “Altared States”. This episode is mainly based on the story of Abraham and Isaac in the Hebrew Bible Genesis. In the “Kingdom of the Altar” (and the biblical story), God commands the father of a young boy to sacrifice his son as proof of his faith. In this episode, it’s not God that is manipulating but Mael, Anteus’s jealous eldest son, trying to usurp the inheritance. In the end, Xena defeated Mel in a battle, and Mel later died after refusing Xena’s help and falling into a ravine.

Urban played a major role as Julius Caesar before Lucy Lawless’ Xena died. First appeared on XWP In the episode “Fate”, Caesar becomes a recurring villain in the series, one of which appears in HTLJ as. Caesar and Xena began their relationship as flirting allies in “Fate”, but quickly discovered that they were both cheating, and Caesar had the upper hand at crucifixion. Xena. From there, the cunning Roman dictator emerges to battle the warrior princess, until he dies at the hands of his deputy, Brutus, in “The Ides of March”. He also appeared as a minor antagonist in Hercules Episode “Render Unto Caesar” and already aired Ta Na Season 6 in a brief revival.

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Compared to his other characters, Urban is almost unrecognizable as Cupid. Cupid, son of the goddess Aphrodite, is equipped with the classic love bow, quiver and arrows to seduce lovers. However, it is revealed in Cupid’s debut novel that due to Hera’s curse on him, whenever he encounters unrequited love, he transforms into a blue-eyed monster. This happened when Cupid accidentally shot Hercules with a love arrow, causing him to fall in love with Cupid’s mortal lover, Psyche. With Aphrodite’s help, things were finally settled and Cupid retreated to Olympus with his now-immortal bride. After the episode, Urban resumed his role as Cupid, appearing in Ta Na (Most famously “For Him Tolls” and “The Comedy of Cupid”).

Last but not least, Urban has one more character in the Xenaverse. Kor is a member of a Stone Age cannibal tribe that first appeared in a movie called Amazon High SchoolHe is the lover of the main character Cyane. The movie was eventually scrapped, but a good part of the story was recycled to Ta Na Episode 5 “Lifeline”. Kor’s main mission is to become a more peaceful and compassionate cannibal, helping to bring peace between his tribe and the Tretolmecs, who eventually become the Amazons. Although Karl Urban has held various roles throughout his career, Xena: Warrior Princess And Hercules: Legend trip Show his range through four different characters alone.

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