Erik Van Rooyen Health Update & Illness: Is He Diagnosed With Cancer?

Erik Van Rooyen’s recent emotional statement has left fans confused and worried, with some speculating that he has cancer. Erik Van Rooyen is a South African professional golfer who now competes on the European and PGA tours. Rooyen won twice on the PGA Tour and once on the European Tour. After an emotional interview a few days earlier, many expressed concern for him, with some unsure if he had cancer. Erik Van Rooyen was born on February 21, 1990 in Bellville, South Africa to parents Wim and Eliza Van Rooyen.

Van attended the University of Minnesota from 2009 to 2013 and won the Minnesota State Amateur Championship there in 2012. Rooyen began his professional career in 2013 and has been competing on the Sunshine Tour ever since. He achieved his first victory in 2017 when he won the Eye of Africa PGA Championship. He won his first European Tour title at the Scandinavian Invitational, held at Hills Golf & Sports Club outside of Sweden. Rooyen won the PGA Tour and the World Wide Technology Championship in 2021 and 2023, respectively.

Does Erik Van Rooyen have cancer?

Erik van Rooyen received tragic news after winning his second PGA TOUR championship at the World Wide Technology Championship. His close friend, who was in remission from cancer, received the devastating news that the disease had returned and spread throughout his body. Van Rooyen said his friend was given a prognosis of six to 10 weeks, or even less.

He added: “Look at my ball; it also has the letters ‘JT’ for my closest friend, Jon Trasamar. He has melanoma and will not survive.” He went on to say, “And every shot there was for me. And when you’re competing for something more important than a ridiculous trophy, it puts things into perspective, and at the end of the day, whether I won or lost here didn’t matter.”

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Rooyen then uploaded a selfie of himself holding the trophy and kissing it, with the caption: “For my best friend, Jon.” Many followers showed sympathy for Eric, while others were confused by the circumstances. Fans praised Erik saying, “This is the definition of a true friend.” During the entire match, he managed to contain his emotions. Another fan said: “Heartbreaking and heroic.” Peace to Jon, his family and friends. The entire Gopher Nation sends its warmest prayers.”

Erik and Jon Trasamar’s friendship

Erik Van Rooyen first encountered Trasamar when he traveled from South Africa to Minnesota to attend college. When Van was 19, he left his family to study abroad. he and his family lived about two hours from Minneapolis, where Van continued his studies. Erik and Jon soon became roommates, teammates and closest friends. Trasamar was even best man at Erik Van’s wedding. After being close friends for almost a decade, Van was overcome with emotion when he learned the devastating news.

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