Enrique Iglesias announces plans for his latest album and reveals what it means for his career

Enrique Iglesias is preparing to release what will be his last album.

The 48-year-old Grammy-winning artist began hinting at plans to stop releasing new albums in 2021. That will become a reality in 2024 with the release of Final (Vol.2).

He provided a timeline for the album’s release and talked about what it meant for his career in a new interview.

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“It’s finished. In fact, it’s coming out in February,” Enrique told Today. “It’s completely finished. What I want to do is shoot one or two videos right before the second leg of the tour and release it.”

He is currently on tour with Ricky Martin and Pitbull.

Enrique went on to say: “I have been working on this album for quite a few years. And for me it was always like I said, my last album… this is it. “I don’t think… no, I know, I won’t make any more albums.”

Does that mean this will be the end of your career? She promised that was not the case as singles and other projects would still come.

“For me, in my life, I think this is the last one,” he said of his decision.

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