A Look Into Martin Truex Jr. And Sherry Pollex Relationship: Unexpected Split

Martin Truex Jr. and Sherry Pollex had an iconic relationship that touched the hearts of many people. After 18 years together since 2005, the news of their separation in early 2023 surprised many. Later that year, Sherry Pollex died at the age of 44 from ovarian cancer, transforming their story into one of strength, perseverance and inspiration. Pollex began their relationship while working in public relations for the racing sector, when their paths crossed. Their closeness was evident, with Pollex not only a rock for Truex Jr., but also a strong presence on the NASCAR scene.

Enchanting start

Martin Truex Jr. first met Sherry Pollex in 2005. Their relationship blossomed on the racetrack, with Pollex playing a key role in racing PR. Their friendship was cherished, and their love story became one of the most talked about in NASCAR. Their almost two-decade journey together was filled with love, support and commitment. Pollex has consistently been by Truex Jr.’s side at every NASCAR race, representing an unwavering partnership.

Pollex’s brave battle

However, 2014 was a year of temptation. Sherry Pollex was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer. The consequences of her severe hysterectomy were devastating: she would never be able to have children. Pollex, on the other hand, used her ordeal to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. She inspired many by talking about her challenges and emphasizing the importance of early recognition and treatment. Her organization has become a beacon of hope for many other families in similar circumstances.

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Consistent support from Martin Truex Jr

Truex Jr. stood firm in the face of Pollex’s conflict. His 2017 NASCAR Cup Series victory was dedicated to Pollex, highlighting their journey together. He became a strong supporter of cancer research, emphasizing its importance. His statement about playing in the 2024 Cup Series is seen by many as a tribute to Pollex’s legacy.

Surprising Split

The terrible news of their breakup came in January 2023. Many speculated about the reasons for the lack of a public statement from both sides. The cost of Pollex’s health struggles is often cited as a big reason.

Martin Truex Jr.  and Sherry Pollex

Mourning death

With Pollex’s passing, the NASCAR world experienced collective grief. Brad Keselowski, among others, offered his deepest condolences, noting her great spirit. Her work to raise cancer awareness, even while battling the disease herself, has had a lasting impact on the business.


The story of Martin Truex Jr. and Sherry Pollex will be remembered for decades. It wasn’t just a love story; it was also a tale of courage, hope and perseverance. Sherry Pollex’s courageous battle with cancer and the unwavering support of Martin Truex Jr. show that love and encouragement can make a difference even in the face of hardship. Finally, the tragic but incredible journey of Martin Truex Jr. and Sherry Pollex reveals the unchanging power of love, loyalty and perseverance. Their shared experiences, activism, and heritage in the face of enormous difficulties are proof of their connection.

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