Elden Ring’s Grand Lift of Rold: How To Reach Mountaintop of the Giants

exist Eldon’s Ring, the player can use Roald’s Big Cable Car to get to the top of Giant’s Mountain. Before players can enter this elusive area in the Middle Lands, they need to obtain a Rold Medal to unlock the larger east sector, and they need two pieces of the Halitree Secret Medal to unlock the area. West. Giant mountain top Eldon’s Ring This is a difficult location towards the end of the game, so players should level up appropriately before attempting to explore this treacherous terrain. In addition, this area is also home to difficult bosses and side quests. While some of the optional bosses can be challenging, there are great rewards as well.

To find the Order of the Roald, the player needs to progress in the game until reaching the royal capital Rydell. Once there, the player needs to defeat the Mogot boss, Lord of Omens. To make this fight easier, the player may need to summon Ember of Mimetic Tears or choose Ashes of Frost Stomp Elden’s ring. After the player successfully defeats Morgot the Omen Lord, they should talk to Melina to obtain the Medal of Rhodes.

Once the player has obtained the Rold Medal, they can head northeast through the Forbidden Land until reaching the Grand Lift at the Rold Site of Grace. Along the route, players encounter Kinship bosses that they can fight or hide from. In Land of Grace, the player must climb the stairs to the elevator. Upon reaching the top, the player will find two large guardian statues holding spears. There is a circle marked on the ground in front of the statue. Players stand in a circle and select the “Gourd Medal” to use the Roald Medal to reach the top of the giant mountain.

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Elden Ring: Go to the area west of Giant’s Peak

To get to the western part of the area, players will need to earn two Hallitree Secret Medals Elden’s ring And use them on the Roald Grand Gondola. To find the right half of this medal, the player should go to Lirunia in the lake: the village of Albinauries in the southwest of the Liurnia region. Once there, the player should follow the path of the Gracelands and quickly overcome the enemies using the flame. Players will find a crate and they must circle it until an NPC appears from within the crate. The player needs to talk to this NPC until he gives them the Halitree Secret Medal (right). It’s worth noting that the player may have to talk to this NPC multiple times to claim the prize.

To find the left half of the medal, the player needs to start east of Giant’s Peak. After taking the Grand Lift from the Elden Ring to this location, the player should head north and follow the cliff to Castle Sol. At this location, the player needs to defeat Commander Neil. After defeating this enemy, the player should follow the path hidden behind where they stand, which will lead them to the Hallitree Secret Medal (left).

After the player has the left and right halves of Harry G. Terry’s Secret Medal, they can return to Roald’s Grand Elevator. Giving a finished medal to the statue will allow the player to enter the area west of Giant’s Peak.

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Eldon’s Ring Available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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