New Lord Of The Rings Plan Is Tolkien’s Nightmare

Warner Bros.’ New plans for the Lord of the Rings series are everything JRR Tolkien would hate if he were alive today.

And Warner Bros. want to take advantage of huge popularity and success Lord of the Rings Franchising, the production company’s new initiative is becoming JRR Tolkien’s worst nightmare. Over the past two decades at Warner Bros. In terms of management, the franchise includes the famous Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings the trio and he broke up hobbits trilogy, recently expanded to include Amazon’s ambitious Gilded this ring of power Streaming series. Taking place in the Second Era, a thousand years before the events of Jackson’s films, it uses Tolkien’s Silmarillion And borrowed from the world-building that the author did for Middle-earth.

Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema announced a new film collaboration plan Lord of the Rings the movie not only ruined ring of power In the process, however, Tolkien’s scope of work changed. The author has created an epic, rich, complex world that has been recreated many times in the fantasy genre, but every deliberate addition he makes to Middle-earth has a purpose. There are concerns that what Warner Bros. are doing poorly as they try to compete with emerging franchises like Marvel and Star Wars.

Warner Bros.’ The Lord of the Rings Project Wasn’t What Tolkien Wanted

Frodo and Sam in The Lord of the Rings.

Thanks to Tolkien’s meticulous writing style, Warner Bros.plan Lord of the Rings Most likely not what the author intended. As beloved as it is, Jackson’s film changed many elements of Tolkien’s original trilogy, from removing characters and altering their personalities, to changing dialogue and plot elements. main. Tolkien’s use of language has always been very precise, and some of the changes that make the adaptation acceptable to new fans will not be approved by Tolkien.

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Christopher Tolkien is known to hate Jackson’s films and insists that they emphasize action and war rather than character development and story. As head of the Tolkien estate at the time, he protected his father’s work as much as he could, making sure that everything from trade to creative freedom was close to his father’s wishes. him as much as possible. Lord of the Rings Once mined to fame, its beauty and complexity have been commercialized to the point of being unrecognizable until it only attracts “Young people between the ages of 15 and 25.”

Why The Lord of the Rings Shouldn’t Be Like Star Wars

The Armory Dealer in The Mandalorian Season 3 Premiere

Given his son’s opinion of Jackson’s films, it is safe to say that Tolkien would not approve if he were alive. ring of power Or, and certainly don’t want Warner Bros. franchise expansion further. Star Wars ambitious Lord of the Ringsthere were concerns that Tolkien’s legacy would be contaminated solely for profit. Even if the fans don’t like what happens in Star Wars The franchise has recently benefited more from new writers and directors with new visions, as it is not based on pre-existing fiction, but Tolkien has created a rich world that can be destruction beyond recognition.

The only good thing that can come from Warner Bros. overtime Lord of the Rings The movies are introducing new fans to Tolkien’s work, but that’s an unfathomable aspiration and sequels not guaranteed. If future movies nail and discredit what he’s built like the Orcs razed the Shire, his version of Middle-earth may be forgotten. Say like Thorin Oakenshield, if Warner Bros. “It would be a better world to value quality rather than hoard gold,” But instead, they chose to oversaturate the market with something below Tolkien’s standards, just to cash in on his popularity.

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