Madame Web Box Office Hits Record Low For Sony Spider-Man Movies (Yes, Even Worse Than Morbius)


  • mrs webb
    Set a record for the lowest opening box office in Sony history
  • Madame Web is expected to earn just $24 million in the first six days.
  • Even with the lead from its Valentine’s Day midweek premiere, it’s still below the series’ previous record lows.

mrs webbSony’s film, starring Dakota Johnson as a paramedic who can see into the future, hit a record low at the box office. spiderman Franchise. The films are loosely tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but largely form their own continuity, focusing on various villains from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. spiderman comics.The collection includes popular films of 2018 venom and its sequels Venom: Carnagestarring Jared Leto Moebius (failed in theaters, became a viral sensation, and flopped again upon re-release), as well as the upcoming Kraven the hunter.

Every deadlinethis mrs webb After the Valentine’s Day mid-week release, the six-day box office total is expected to reach $24 million. That brings the Friday-Sunday total to about $11 million, the lowest opening for Sony overall. spiderman Franchise.However, even the six-day total of $24 million was below the series’ previous low, which Moebius“Opened with $39 million.

Mrs. Webber’s disastrous opening weekend explained

this mrs webb Release’s disappointing opening weekend isn’t necessarily a surprise after flop Moebius. However, this vampire movie may prove to be an outlier, as it’s the first film in the entire series to feature neither Venom nor Spider-Man.Below, see how mrs webb6-day total rankings vs. all Sony 3-day opening weekends spiderman franchise, including both of their anime spiderman movie as well as three Spider-Man films starring Tom Holland in partnership with Marvel Studios.

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opening weekend

global box office

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

$260.1 million

$1.9 billion

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023)

$120.6 million

$682.4 million

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

$117 million

$878.2 million

Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

$92.6 million

US$1.13 billion

Venom: Carnage (2021)

US$90 million

$501.5 million

venom (2018)

$80.2 million

$856 million

Moebius (2022)

$39 million

$167.4 million

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

$35.4 million

$375.4 million

mrs webb (2024)

$24 million (6 days)

To be determined

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Versewhich was the previous lowest record for the entire series, proving that Sony spiderman The film may become a minor hit after a tepid opening. However, its prospects were boosted by strong word of mouth and a 97% Fresh Rotten Tomatoes-certified score, and its strong response ultimately earned it an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.this mrs webb With a dismal Rotten Tomatoes score of only 13%, it seems unlikely that it will follow a similar path.

Dakota Johnson as Cassie Webb RELATED Mrs. Weber Sets Two Disastrous Rotten Tomatoes Scores for Sony’s Spider-Man Villains Movie Mrs. Weber’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Sets Disastrous New Records for Sony’s Spider-Man Movie, Continuing an unfortunate trend for the franchise.

Ultimately, it may not even be possible mrs webb to make a profit. The film’s projected budget is $80 million or more, meaning it will likely need to make at least $160 million worldwide to become profitable.That’s all in total Moebius Despite an apparently strong opening weekend, the film fell short of its target with a 15% Rotten Tomatoes score. Unless it becomes a huge success in the coming weeks, the future of the Dakota Johnson superheroine looks grim.

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