Dead Cells: How to Find The Clock Tower (Return to Castlevania DLC)

Dead Cells Returns to the Clock Tower area Castlevania DLC allows players to find their way to Dracula’s throne with the help of the Alucard symbol.

The player traverses Castle Outskirts and Dracula’s Castle after defeating Death in the Defiled Necropolis Arena Dead cellsBack to Castlevania DLC, they need to find the bell tower to enter the castle again. The final biome seen in this DLC, Master’s Keep, can only be found after Dracula awakens in his castle after the player defeats Death. Alucard, son of the Vampire King, can be found in the Clock Tower to guide the player into Dracula’s Castle once more, now a much more dangerous biome than before.

Unlike the biome on the outskirts of the castle that marks the beginning Dead cellsBack to Castlevania DLC, the player cannot find the clock tower early in the run. The desired area is deep in the twisted halls and biome players are familiar with, the only difference being Alucard’s presence. Beating death will lock all progress in the DLC until the player starts a new run, as completing the first version of Dracula Castle is only the exit to return to the target biome. standard.

Find the Clock Tower in Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC

Dead Cells returns to Castlevania DLC, talk to Alucard to transfer to Dracula Castle for sequel

Due to the progressive nature of biomes Dead cells, the player can use a fixed path when trying to reach the clock tower. While the entire biome map gives players a multitude of options to explore, they should start by going to the Convicted Corridor. This area is the fastest route, with a large number Dead cells‘ The previous update, as the player can easily go to the next Stronghold biome, then the Black Bridge.

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Although the player can easily walk through the Stilt Village behind the Black Bridge, they should go to the Sleepy Sanctuary as there are a lot of items there. The Clock Tower is located in either of these locations, but the player needs to clear the biome before talking to Alucard. Additionally, the player must go to the next Clock Room biome and defeat the Timekeeper boss that resides there.

After dealing with the Time Keepers, talking to Alucard will take the player to the final stages of the DLC, which includes mini-boss Medusa and Dracula as the final villain.

Players have a special option in Dracula’s Castle to defeat biomes in different modes when unlocking Richter Belmont Dead cells. No matter how the player tries to finish Back to Castlevania DLC exist Dead cellsThe clock tower is still a necessary area and it will block access unless the player runs far enough.

  • dead cell game poster Dead cells

    Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

    Release time: 2018-08-07

    Developer: Motion Twin, Evil Empire

    Publisher: Motion Twin, Playdigious

    Genre: Action, Metroidvania, Roguelike


    Summary: Dead Cells is an action/roguelike exploration-style Metroidvania game released in 2018. In the game, the player takes on the role of unnamed humanoid creatures called prisoners, because they always start from a damp prison on a base. Players will battle their way through procedurally generated levels and collect “tiles” to unlock permanent upgrades, including tools, traps, and weapons, helping them to explore far and wide. than to reach the top of the castle and confront the unknown king. Dead Cells has had several expansion packs, most recently an ambitious collaboration with Konami’s Castlevania series.

    Expansions: The Bad Seed, Rise of the Giants, Queen of the Sea, Return to Castlevania, Everyone Is Here Vol. twelfth

    Mode: Single player

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