Chainsaw Man’s New Primal Devil Will Explain The Mystery Of Hell

Warning: Spoiler for Saw Chapter 123 chainsaw man, a powerful primal fear known as the Fallen Devil. This dangerous new villain has the chance to solve one of the series’ greatest mysteries: Hell.

in chapter 123 chainsaw manFor the first time, readers get a full look at the new villain, who isn’t Death, as many fans speculate, but a fallen demon who appeared on Earth at the end of the previous chapter. The fallen demon disguised himself as a chef, dressing his contorted body in the signature outfit of the profession. When she began to attack people in the area indiscriminately, the fallen demons caused them to relive their most painful memories, and as a result they “falled” into the sky and disappeared through the clouds. The door is floating in the air, potentially leading to Hell.

The appearance of the Fallen Demon has a chance to explain more about hell

exist chainsaw manHell is the birthplace of all demons. When he died on earth, the devil was reincarnated into hell and vice versa. Not much is known about the place, and the little information that readers get from it comes from the “International Assassins” section of Season 1, in which Denji and the rest of Special Team 4 reluctantly visit. Hell. There, they encounter the Demon of Darkness, a primal fear, an almost omnipotent demon that dwells at the bottom of hell. Later, Machima revealed that the chainsaw demon Pochita was once a resident of hell, where he had eliminated dozens of demons, and was called “hell’s hero”.

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There are two reasons the fallen demons were finally able to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Underworld. First, right after appearing, she said that she “Visiting at the request of the inhabitants of hell“, meaning that one or more demons sent her to Earth. This makes sense because, as the case of the Dark Devil shows, primordial fears inhabit the depths of hell. and never appeared on Earth. Second, humans became the First Attack of fallen victim demons.”Antipasto, La Root Vonla“, through doors like those that appeared earlier in the series is the passage to Hell (the entire “sky” of Hell is made up of these doors). most had the power to send people to Hell, until now, the Lord of Hell, but it’s not like that anymore.

Hell is the key chainsaw manthe biggest mystery

Chains Man's Hell Gate

According to the Hungry Devil, the arrival of primordial fear on Earth marked the beginning of the apocalypse predicted by Nostradamus (possibly chainsaw manendgame). While this is an exciting development for the series, the fallen demon’s connection to the Underworld could finally begin to explain the series’ biggest mystery. chainsaw manthe exact nature of hell, which would explain what the devil is.

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